Model undressed in the last World Series offers pictures of her in exchange for toilet paper


The model offers photos by toilet paper
The model offers photos by toilet paper

The famous Julia Rose, renowned for their acts exhibitionist in the World Series last week, returned to make his own, when on Tuesday asked his followers nude photos in exchange for toilet paper.

Rose made a name for himself for the first time in the baseball and was dubbed the “exhibidora of the World Series” after she and two friends showed their breasts to the pitcher of the Houston Astros Gerrit Cole during Game 5 made on the Nationals Park in Washington.

Now the beautiful woman has been delighting fans dressed in shorts and calling the attention throughout the situation of the Coronavirus.

On Twitter, the model posted a picture with a friend completely topless and stated that it “would send naked toilet paper”.

As is well known, these days it is quite difficult to find toilet paper and apparently several people are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.