Models that ‘showed more’ in World Series recorded a video of all his plan and explained why they did it | THE BAT


A video circulating on the network has gone viral, it turns out that the girls who were expelled for life by MLB identified as exhibitionists, recorded on video the whole plan from before entering the stadium, as well as after its expulsion.

The first challenge of the models was to get tickets to Game 5 of the World Series, once they obtained tickets, Lauren Summer, one of them, expressed concern at what they would think of their parents so that the young man was going to do: show their breasts in a match of great magnitude.

The girls already had the attire that they would use to carry out his plan, his clothing consisted of t-shirts in yellow with the name of the magazine and two buns in pink, representing the fight against breast cancer. Similarly assayed movements that would make the show her naked in the stands of Nationals Park.

The ladies recorded their arrival at the airport in Baltimore, which would take en route to Washington, the young people were nervous about what would be next to do. Below the full video in which the females recorded from beginning to end your plan:

Once inside the stadium of the Nationals, the models still with the nerves to the skin, even wondered if your goal was right. Finally came the hour of his act which, fulfilled and was recorded by the camera which transmitted the Game 5.

The park authorities to realize what had just made the models, they turned toward where the girls were sitting for their removal from the stadium. The girls continued recording while they were being escorted by a police officer.

After that, with the same camera recorded only the voice of a person of the male sex without a focus, whose person is identified with the name of David, head of security for Major League Baseball, who was in charge of notifying them of his ban for life from any stadium in the MLB.

One of the models he confessed that he had that Game 5 had been the party that he attended in his life.

Finally, they detail why they had shown their breasts during the World Series, explaining that it only did so to raise awareness among the population about breast cancer, showed the letter that MLB sent to them in which the eject for the life of the baseball parks in the united States because they violated the code of fans to show their bare breasts.