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Apart from becoming popular all over the world in recent years thanks to the success on the catwalks of Gigi and Bella, the family Hadid is one of the most well-known of the united States for decades. Yolanda, the matriarch, was also a dummy in his time and then became a face well-known thanks to their participation in a reality show television about rich women california. The most discreet has always been the patriarch, Mohamed Hadid, who has now jumped to the media to have been forced to declare his company bankrupt.

Mohamed is a well-known developer and builder of real estate of 71 years. It is estimated that your fortune fluctuates between 90 and 190 million eurosbut now has suffered a setback. In 2011 he started to build a big mansion of 2,800 square meters in the exclusive area of Bel-Air. However, the past November 20, a court in the city of Los Angeles (California), where it is lodged that neighborhood, has estimated that the house must be destroyed because it is illegal, as is explained in the journal Daily Mail. In fact, the constructor should bear the costs of the demolition, which is estimated at more than € 4.5 million.

This demolition has made that Hadid has to file for bankruptcy. In particular, the Wednesday, his lawyers were before the Superior Court of Los Angeles that the company’s 901 Strada LLC owned by the builder had gone bankrupt. Apparently, the counsel of Hadid explained to the judge hearing the case that the employer not only could not afford to pay for the demolition of the mansion, but could not assume the rate of half a million dollars (450,000 euros) that you must meet to supervise such collapse. Apparently, She had a mortgage of € 15.5 million on the property he had endorsed it himself.

The house that the entrepreneur was building was located on the top of a hill overlooking a road. In the writing of the magistrate —who in early November visited the work— it reads that it is “unsafe and dangerous”. “If this house were to come down would be a part of the neighborhood with them,” he says with concern, because the construction is based on a series of pillars only six metres of the rock instead of the nine which the law requires. “We do not speak of a wall of more or of a question of the kitchen, but the most significant aspect: the structure, the base”.

Mohamed Hadid is settled in the united STATES but is of palestinian origin; interestingly, in the mid-sixties, his father got 10 passports thanks to a game of backgammon and then refugees between Syria and Lebanon were able to emigrate to the united STATES. In his youth, he began to study engineering (never finished) and was an elite athlete. In the year 1992 became the only jordanian on to compete in the Winter Olympics, in his case in the form of skiing. After he forged his career as a developer of luxury hotels, developed posh mansions and restored hotels, the Ritz-Carlton around the world. Married in 1994, with Yolanda, with whom he had three children —Gigi, Beautiful and Anwar— and the marriage broke up in 2000.

Last year Mohamed Hadid, was splashed by a scandal of sexual abuse on the part of the model Miranda Vee, 23-year-old. Vee reported to Paul Marciano, founder of the fashion brand Guess, and to Hadid for the abuse supposedly of her at the headquarters of the company in 2017. “It is time that people such as Paul Marciano and Mohamed Hadid to be exposed for what they really are”, began the defense of Vee on Instagram. “I met with Paul at the headquarters of Guessthat really is an apartment, and there he abused me before you pass me to your friend [Mohamed] who is going to meet with me to take a ‘coffee,” explained the model in his publication. Vee shaped so explicit as the two men outweighed her. “I thought I was in a professional meeting, but when I got there we were just he and I, and a bottle of champagne, I had been summoned to violarme”. Hadid denied the allegations in a statements to the New York Post shortly after, during the Fashion week New York: “I have four daughters and I am very respectful with women, but at the same time there are a lot of false accusations that are damaging to some people”.

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