Molecular diagnostics, biomedical research and data, keys to personalized medicine, according to Roche


Roche Farma has highlighted molecular diagnosis, biomedical research, data analysis and access to innovation, as keys to the development of personalized medicine in Spain, which consists of offering each patient the most appropriate treatment at the time of you need it.

“Today we are in the European leading group in biomedical R&D but we must not lose the train of personalized medicine, a new way of understanding medicine that is already changing the way we research and develop drugs, how we diagnose, how we obtain and we treat clinical data and even how we have to articulate our health systems “, explained Federico Plaza, director of Corporate Affairs at Roche Farma España.

In this sense, Plaza has added that all the elements must also be framed within a context of measuring results in health and sustainability. Likewise, it has indicated that they only make sense within a context of maximum respect for bioethical principles and respect for the protection of patient data.

“If we are able to articulate all these elements, I have no doubt that personalized medicine, supported by precision diagnosis, advanced therapies and the analysis of clinical data with new digital big data and artificial intelligence tools will open a world full of possibilities of improvement for the health of patients, something that is already beginning to be a reality in oncology and rare diseases and that is beginning to develop significantly in other therapeutic areas such as ophthalmology, hematology or neurosciences “, has stated.

In short, Plaza has highlighted the importance of guaranteeing equal access to innovation as a key for personalized medicine to continue advancing. “All our efforts will be in vain if we do not ensure that all these advances do not reach the patients who need them in a timely manner, while guaranteeing the sustainability of the system. And this is everyone’s task: companies, regulators, administrations, professionals, patients. We must advance
together from the beginning so that in the end we are able to guarantee access to innovation quickly and equitably “, he concluded.

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