Mom’s friends, Dave Coulier on not having Olsen twins: ‘They had a different experience’ | TV

Dave Cooler returned to talk about the absence of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, on the show mom’s friends produced by Netflix.

The actor gave an interview to Yahoo! Entertainment, said he was able to meet the two actresses at an event organized in memory of Bob Saget, explaining:

Seeing them was so sweet and just being with them was nice because they were babies and toddlers when we filmed the show… So they have a different take on the show.

Cooler added:

I was an adult… But for them, I think growing up in Warner Brothers spaces is different in a way. We saw each other more often than our family members. I think they have a different point of view… I approached this question just by thinking about going to work every day and doing my best. It was life, because we hung out after the show, were together on the weekends or went to birthdays, or celebrated other events, there were barbecues, pool parties. After talking to them, I realized that their experience is a bit different. Just imagine what it’s like to start working on a TV show when you’re only nine months old.

The sequel has many jokes about Michelle Tenner, who was played by the Olsen twins in the original series despite her absence from the stage.

What do you think of Dave Cullier’s comments about the Olsen twins?

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Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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