Monarriz, from the “apologies” to the people to the “critical moment” of San Lorenzo

Every game that San Lorenzo passes is in need of a win but it is something that never comes. And on this date was no exception. He fell with Aldosivi and could end the day sunk in the last position of the Professional League. After the fall in Mar del Plata, this time Diego Monarriz decided to speak to the media

The first question directed towards the interim DT fell from mature: He was consulted about the crossing he had with the fans during the defeat against Gimnasia, which is why, indirectly, he had suspended the press conference. What had happened? He argued with some silverware at the time he decided the admission of Alexis Sabella by Nico Fernández Mercau.

I apologize to people. We are living the same feeling. I want the same and I’m suffering it just like them. I wanted to express that the player had an injury and it is very difficult with gestures to make him understand the change. I am one more, I am to death with them, I know what the situation is and that they are having a bad time, “he clarified about that episode that gave so much to talk about.

Then he referred to the defeat of his team. “We couldn’t get into the game quickly because they scored the goal very early. We are paying dearly for those situations, which are already emotional, which hit us and make us go searching in a desperate way. In the first half we had some options to convert, but we are in a very bad streak and everything is very difficult for us ”.

In addition, he made reference to the influence of the mood of his players at the time of not finding the results. “If we can see the previous games, we have never been surpassed by the rivals and we deserve to take something more. So when the results are not achieved, the mood influences a lot because you realize that you cannot get out of the well. We are at a critical moment but we must put our brains on, show our face and leave these games that are ahead of us with the honor that this shirt deserves ”, he said.

Beyond self-criticism, he referred to the refereeing by Fernando Rapallini: “They know more technically but there is a hand (from Coloccini) and it seems that the same thing happened the previous week. A referee from his hierarchy rushed with the expulsions, from then on everything got out of hand and made it difficult for us to get into the game. Fernández Mercau’s was avoidable because it is not an elbow but rather opens the arm covering the ball, that card and Barrios’ card are very excessive, ”he said.

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