Monarriz pointed against the refereeing and apologized to the fans

San Lorenzo had another late-night to be forgotten in Mar del Plata, on his visit to Aldosivi for the 22nd date of the Professional League. The Cyclone fell 2-0 to the Shark, sHe had his twelfth defeat in the League (the worst in this area) and now, with three dates to go, try to avoid something unprecedented in its history: finish last in an AFA tournament.

However, after the fall, beyond the self-criticism of the team’s performance, Diego Monarriz, Interim DT of the Cyclone after the departure of Paolo Montero, it was very hot with the arbitration of Fernando Rapallini.

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“What worries me more seeing it now, obviously cold, because in the game I couldn’t see it, they are the two penalties that don’t charge”, expressed the DT in dialogue with TyC Sports after the game, after consulting about the expulsions suffered by San Lorenzo. In addition, after the journalist recalled a hand in the Coloccini area that was not sanctioned, Monarriz said: “It becomes very difficult for us later.”

When making a self-criticism of the San Lorenzo game, the coach indicated: “When they converted us, we had two clear goal options. It becomes elusive from there and emotionally it can cost much more, but in the first half we were in the game “.

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Previously, in a conference, Monarriz was consulted about an episode that he lived last weekend at Pedro Bidegain in the match against Gimnasia, when he had an exchange with the cyclone silverware after the exchange of Alexis Sabella for Nico Fernández Mercau. To clarify the situation, the DT explained what happened.

“Good question to answer. I want to apologize to people. On my side, we are experiencing the same feeling. People express themselves for a change or they may also be dissatisfied with the team, with the footballers who think they have to be on the field. I just repeat my apology again, “he began.

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Also, along the same lines, he added: “I want the same as them and I am suffering it the same as them. After I wanted to explain to people that a teammate had told me that a player was injured and it is very difficult to interact and try to understand with a gesture why he had made a change. I am one of them and I am to death with them. I know the situation, I know they are having a hard time and all they want is to see the team win, nothing more. ”

The moment of the crossing with the fans

What is left for him to avoid being last?

Tuesday 30 He will receive Sarmiento from 5:00 p.m. at the Nuevo Gasometer.Green is also weak and needs to add. Later, another brave clash visiting Independiente, on December 5. El Rojo fights to enter a cup and need victory. And finally, the weekend of the 12th, CASLA will be local against Newell’s, another in the doldrums in this tournament.

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Was CASLA ever last?

It went downhill in 1981. In the Metro that year he was the second to last (28 units in 34 games, two points were given for a victory), seven from Colón. He held the same position in the Clausura 1992 with 12 points on 19 dates (They followed the two units by triumph), three of Quilmes, the bottom. With three points for success, he finished in 19th position in the 1996 Clausura, with 16 beans and three from Argentines.

In the 18-19 Super League he added 23 points in 25 dates, to one of Argentines, the last. Colón and San Martín de Tucumán had also added the same units as the Cyclone.

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