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Jimi Hendrix

Exactly 53 years ago He died Jimi Hendrix, considered by many to be the greatest guitarist of all time. Born in Seattle in November 27, 1942, James Marshall Hendricks (that’s his real name) revolutionized the way the electric guitar was played. He made his presence known in the mid-sixties and then became famous in 1966. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: with him, Noel Redding to the bottom and Mitch Mitchell to the battery. With your group Hendrix first he recorded 45 rpm hey Joe and then the album Do you have experience?. In 1967 he contributed to the second edition Monterey International Pop Festival and ended his performance by setting his guitar on fire. However, his performance at woodstock festival 1969, culminating in an incredible performance of the American anthem. In 1970 he completed a major festival tour inWiigt Island: It was August 30th. On September 6 of the following year he performed at a festival in Germany, and this was his last performance. In the morning September 18 in fact, he was found dead, under circumstances that were never fully clarified, in his London apartment. His girlfriend is German Monika Dannemannsaid his death was caused by vomiting caused by a cocktail of alcohol and tranquilizers. Hendrix thus entered Club 27, like many other artists who died at 27 years old. And no one will ever play guitar like him again.

Other facts of the day:
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1939: singer born Frankie Avalon
1942: singer born Gabriella Ferri
1944: born Nico Tironeformer singer Niko and the seagulls
1946: musician born Tempera wins
1951: born Dee Dee Ramoneformer bassist Ramones
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1962: born Joanne Catherallsinger Human League
1964: singer born Marco Masini
1967: born Ricky Bellformer singer New release
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1987: I Kiss they publish Crazy nights
1996: Mine public Cremona
2004: singer Britney Spears and rapper Kevin Federline They merried
year 2012: Malika Ayane public Rest
2018: singer dies Goran Kuzminac

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