MONFRÀ JAZZ FEST – The event ends with dancing.

A total of seven thousand visitors at thirty events, forty trees donated to Pau Park: the great celebration of music and territory ends with a farewell to 2024.

The 2023 Monfrà Jazz Fest ended with dancing.

If one of the leading themes of the music festival, which is being held for the sixth time, was “Let’s smile,” The latest event on Saturday 9 September at the Magnobert distillery showed the smiles and fun of the main characters..

From 19:00, the visit to the historical Casalese company and dinner with Il Vetusto Monferrato drew a full house of the public, organizers and sponsors.

A few hours later they were all dancing in the yard to the music Kitchen swing band it spread through the air along with the smell of the marc.

However, we also experience the atmosphere of a long goodbye.

Jenny Notarianni presents the main characters of the evening for the last time this year.

Deputy Mayor of Casale Emanuele Capra brings greetings from institutions: “A little melancholy because the festival is ending, but we are sure that Le Muse is already working on the next edition, which the municipality will be happy to support.

Valeria LupariaThe owner remembers the support of the Fest from the moment it was first held.

Davide Rolandi who supports the Fest together with the Rolandi Auto car dealership, talks about how great it is to explore the streets of Monferrato on a motorcycle.

In the end Ima GanoraPresident of the Le Muse Academy and creator of MonJF, for the last time proposes a ritual for all the events of this year: smile at your neighbor.

After all, Fest has many reasons to smile: about thirty events, from the April preview to today, concerts, exhibitions, master classes, exclusive productions, which in total attracted about 7,000 spectators, but above all confirmed the ability more than ever to engage the territory in its various parts, delivering it to Casale, to Monferrato UNESCO and, finally, to Wine&Spirits precisely on the days of the harvest.

Another topic that the Monfrà Jazz Fest actively developed was the topic of sustainable development. where he was next to Piedmont’s Pau Park and promoted various green initiatives.

The most obvious of these, related to the distribution of water during the events, allowed the collection of sources for the planting of about 40 trees in Pau Park.

And we come to the musical part: before the end of Saturday, Thursday, September 7, a meeting was scheduled at the Moonfrà brewery in Casale with a warm voice Mila Ogliastro, Riccardo Marchese drums, Gigi Andreone double bass and Andrea Rogatokeyboards.

An overview of the greatest women’s jazz standards revealed in their themes was offered Mila Ogliastro which managed to attract the attention of the large audience present.

There Kitchen rotary group instead, she is very good at using swing and blues as weapons of mass entertainment.

Mesmerizing voice Mara Panico dominated by an exciting rhythm section consisting of Marco Serra (drums), Andrea Rogato (softly) e Gigi Andreone (double bass).

Alberto Gandin Playing guitar, he plays the role of frontman and leads an increasingly engaged audience as a seasoned artist.

To such classics as “Fly Me to the Moon,” “On the Sunny Side of the Street,” “My Baby Just Takes Care of Me,” Nicole AND Alan Pippin they start dancing: it’s an offshoot of The Kitchen Swing project, launched with Muse, which has encouraged many Monferrinis to learn the Lindy Hop (and from September 13, it will attract others to courses at the Accademia Le Muse premises in Palazzo Vitta).

The dancers increase until there is a real lesson for about thirty people under the stage.

The band picks up the pace for the last 40 minutes, alternating between Ray Charles and swing-style hits from Rihanna or Daft Punk.

Eventually, when they released “Never Can Tell” and “Rock & Roll”, no one could sit still and the whole distillery became a dance floor.

It couldn’t have ended any better than this, so much so that many will wonder what else could happen in 2024?

Edited by Vercelli

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