Monica Barbaro: who is the revelation actress of “Fuber”

Also coming up with a role in a Bob Dylan biopic with Timothée Chalamet

FA good dose of Mediterranean charm, femininity and contempt for danger. it’s a winning mix of monica barbararising star of acting now with arnold schwarzenegger in the netflix series fuber, But who exactly is the actress depleting the action genre? let’s find out together

Monica Barbaro, childhood and first successes

born in san francisco on June 18, 1990Future actresses grow up together in California Nicolas’ father of Italian descent, a professor, and his mother Heidi, a fitness expert. as a child, dreams of becoming a ballerina classical and hence, after high school, he enrolled at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. However after graduation, Monica discovers what she really wants learn to act

After only a few months, the actress gets her first role in the series. unreal to join the cast of famous tv shows chicago justice In 2017. where he gets his share ana valdez, Assistant Prosecutor Peter Stone, played by the handsome Philip Winchester. other series will follow like this the good cop And split togetherThen big opportunity: a role in the film with Tom Cruise Top Gun: Maverick

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the success of Top Gun: Maverick and of fuber

getting a woman has never been easier Notable Roles in the Action Genre Luckily, today things have changed radicallyAnd. And Monica perfectly embodies this holy novelty. Actually, in 2019, the actress was selected to play the role Lieutenant Natasha “Phoenix” Trace in blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick But This is not another role of Bellona that turns pilots’ heads

Monica Barbaro in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. (Eagle Pictures)

phoenix is ​​really Top Gun the only girl in schoolsomething that was absolutely impossible in 1986 Till 1993, women were not allowed to fly fighter aircraft.

As told by the actress to the portal indiewire “One of our advisors told me ‘we integrated women too late’. This sequel reflects that changeAlthough it is true that we are still in a clear minority, so for me It was really important to represent women as they are today.”

even the most recent fuberStreaming on Netflix, Monica is definitely not the daughter (of Arnold Schwarzenegger) Next door. actually emma A CIA agent, tough and feminine At the same time she definitely doesn’t let herself be intimidated by the bad boys she has to take down. A role that also brings out the many talents of the actress and which attests to its position above all rising star movies and tv

Personal life and an upcoming film with Timothée Chalamet

secretive about his personal life, We do not know if Monica is single at the moment Or not. Please tell that the actress had a life partner till about 3 years ago. Connor Tillmanactors known on the set of netflix series the good cop, Passionate for climbing, and never forgets her love for dance, We’ll soon see Monica in a Bob Dylan biopicinterpreted by Timothée Chalamet, a complete unknown

film, directed by james mangold and which will be filmed this summer, is set during Newport Folk Festival in 1965When the young singer-songwriter surprised his fans by playing folk song with electric guitar,

A small musical revolution that would forever change American music at the time. And Monica will play Joan BaezFamous pacifist country singer who accompanied Dylan a long and troubled love story

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