Monica Bellucci, a great actress lives here: a house of a thousand and one nights

Monica Bellucci, do you know where the beautiful actress lives? The house is fabulous and reflects his personality. Let’s go and open it together

She is one of the most beautiful women in the universe Monica Bellucci. The Mediterranean beauty that has enchanted many men of the world and still leaves us speechless. Many are curious to know where the actress lives and how she spends time with her new lover Tim Burton and her special affections. Today we will reveal unpublished details of his house.

With a career spanning over thirty years, Monica has stood out for her talent, beauty and professionalism on both the big and small screen, as well as on the big screen, winning the hearts of the world’s most important directors. monica cStarts as a model in Milan., where he defiles for such world-famous brands as Fendi and Dolce Gabbana. In 1990, he starred in major films such as Life with children Dino Risi and then Draw, Dracula, Briganti – Love and freedom, Legendary – Hunchback coup in Milan.

Here lives Monica Bellucci, the most beautiful woman in the world.

As for the love life, after the end of the relationship with Vincent Cassel, the woman began a new love story with him. Tim Burton. the two first met in 2006 at Cannes, but love seems to have sparked in 2022 when they met at Lumiere Film Festival Lyon.

monica belucci's house

Here are the details of the house (Instagram @monicabellucciofficiel)

Not everyone knows about it, but Monica Bellucci owns several houses in France. He has a beautiful penthouse in Paris although lately he has spent some time in another house in the southwest of the country, in a house overlooking the sea. A few meters away lives Vincent Cassel, who, despite the separation, decided to buy a house nearby to always be close to his daughters.

In a lengthy interview with La Stampa, Monica Bellucci gave unedited details about her home and the beautiful view from her beautiful apartment. He spoke in detail about how he survived the pandemic: From here I can see the ocean, but you can’t go to the beach. Even in the garden: This region has a lot of rain, very green. We keep in touch with nature“.

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