Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton Are Really Together: Couple Makes It Official

Last February, photos of Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton holding hands in Paris and Madrid took the world by storm, making them undoubtedly the “couple of the year.” Despite clear hints, no official statement or social appearance has ever been released on the most prestigious red carpet. Which is why Monica Bellucci’s first words about Tim Burton are making headlines.

Monica Bellucci reveals her relationship with Tim Burton: ‘a meeting that happens once in a lifetime’

In an interview with Elle France, Monica Bellucci, who is about to leave for London to begin shooting Beetlejuice 2 directed by Burton, talks in depth about herself. He recalls his first works when he was still attending high school in Città di Castello, focused on the two-week holidays of the year he spent in Milan and Paris, then returned to the peace of the Umbrian province. He also talks about living in complete freedom as a teenager in his “family of artists”, where his daughters Deva and Leonie were born and raised.

“It makes me happy to see my daughter happy. She is passionate, starting to build a solid career in the world of fashion and making her way into cinema, ”said Bellucci, praising her eldest daughter. Furthermore, he responded to controversies concerning the privileges of the children of famous people, declaring: “Deva always says: ‘There are families of doctors, lawyers, families of artisans and families of artists.’ Deva breathes cinema, she is always immersed in it: at home we talk about films, sets, filming… Maybe she will do something else in the future, who knows? But when you are, you know, the standard is even higher.

During the interview, a comment inevitably came up on a sequel to the famous Beetlejuice, which will hit US theaters on September 6, 2024. Monica first expressed her joy at meeting Tim Burton in person. Bellucci explained, “It’s one of those encounters that rarely happens in life.” “I know the man, I love him, and now that I will meet the director, another adventure begins. i love tim And I have a lot of respect for Tim Burton.” Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara will return in their respective roles, as well as Jenna Ortega and Justin Theroux, in the second chapter of the iconic 1988 film. Will appear as a newcomer. Monica praised the 64-year-old renowned director, saying: “I love this dream world where the monsters are gentle, like we can turn our dark sides into something bright and kind. That’s what Tim Burton movies are about.”

It was love at first sight between Monica and Tim at the Lumiere Film Festival in Lyon in October 2022, after a decades-long acquaintance since their first meeting in Cannes in 2006. This love smacks of maturity and second chances. Following her marriage to Vincent Cassel that lasted from 1999 to 2013, which produced her two daughters, Deva and Leonie, Monica was in a relationship with artist and set designer Nicolas Lefebvre as of 2019. On the other hand, there is Tim Burton. Married to Helena Bonham Carter from 2001 to 2014, with whom he has children Billy, 20, and Nell, 16.

The meeting of Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton marks a special event in the lives of both. Apart from a passion for cinema, there is also a deep connection and mutual respect. His upcoming work on the Beetlejuice sequel promises to be another adventure that will allow him to express his artistic talents and share a unique experience. The pair continues to enthrall audiences with their love story, which marks their meeting that left an indelible mark on their lives and the world of cinema.

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