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Belucci's sad confession
Monica Bellucci Linadiretta24

Monica Bellucci, the gorgeous diva, breaks the hearts of her fans into a thousand pieces. He told a very sad story. She died of a broken heart.

If in Italy we believe, and not without reason, the real small screen diva wonderful Belen Rodriguezwhen we think about Bigwhich always has its incredible charm, one can only count Monica Bellucci. As with the Argentinean dancer, just say her name to immediately understand who she is talking about.

She’s not just a woman gifted with one beauty to put it mildly disarmamentbut also Charm And magnetism which allow her to instantly grab all the attention as soon as she enters a room or a club. His sensuality this is one of his indisputable distinctive featureslike his warm and husky voice.

he is behind many boxes This respected summary and is still in great demand today. It seems that time has stopped for her and she has nothing to envy the 30-year-old. He lives in Paris, but always with a suitcase in his hands for work.

ùNow he is present at the cinema in the film mafia mom From Katherine Hardwickwhich she described from the pages Vanity Fairas a “brutal but funny comedy”.

Monica Bellucci and her admiration for a great woman

There corrected note he donated one wonderful cover and called her an ingenuous diva. She said that she has always knew From I want to be an actress since she was a child and never pay attention to Aanother profession. In a word, it can be said that always had clear ideas about what to do. And it’s in his name great determination who succeeded.

He highly regards the greatest figures of Italian cinema, such as Sophia Loren AND Virna LisiBut there is one more who left them indelible traces V Heart And insoul. A true myth that left an indelible mark on the world music and not only. This is a woman who defy the limits AND overlays which many women were forced to obey and did so with great courage.

Belucci's sad confession
In memory of Maria Callas for Monica Lineadiretta24

The story of the very sad end of Maria Callas

We are talking about Maria Callasfor which Monica he wasted words full of emotion AND sincere affectionremembering that the divine left this world precisely because of broken heart. “He knows what kind of heart it takes to die broken heart? Simple heart. This Callas: a diva with a simple heart, a real heart.”

These are the words that Bellucci he released during his heart-to-heart interview at Vanity Fair. She was able to contact Callas thanks to a tour that over the past three years has made her touch the most beautiful theaters in the world. Reading his letters and more, he then allowed her to approachinnermost soul the singer who is still everything we bitterly regret.

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