Monica Cruz, actress Paso Adelante and sister of Penelope.

August 1 marks an important new event for those who grew up in the late 90s to early 2000s with a passion for dance and teen drama. All six seasons Paso Adelante go to netflixwhich gives us a complete and uninterrupted overview of the series, which features: Monica Cruz, Silvia Marti, Pablo Puyol and Miguel Angel Muñoz.

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Who is Monica Cruz, sister of Penelope Cruz

Among the actors Paso Adelanteperhaps not everyone knows that there is a special connection: Monica Cruz is actually an actress and sister of Penelope Cruz.. The latter is the older sister, born in 1974, and Monica is three years younger, she was born in March 1977.. Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of the two, now 38, is also responding to the call. The two actresses are very close and have never hidden their connection, supporting each other in their acting careers. Among the most striking gestures of endearment that have made the news are the substitution between them occurred on the set Pirates of the Caribbean 4. At the time, Penélope Cruz was pregnant by Javier Bardem and therefore could not film some of the scenes. Given the great similarity of the two sisters, it was Monica who acted as her understudy, in an absolutely imperceptible change in role.

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Monica Cruz, career and personal life

Both are adorable it is impossible not to notice their obvious resemblance, as if suspecting that they are twins, while maintaining their appearance and personality, even in terms of style. In addition to playing the unforgettable Silvia Jauregui in Paso Adelante and in its sequel, released in 2022, UPA NEXTMonica Cruz starred in the Italian series Investigation (2006) and in Velvet Collection (2017-2019).

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In private life Monica Cruz is the mother of a daughter born as a result of artificial insemination., and advocate for the right to be single mothers, even without a partner. Antonella Cruz Sanchez turns 10 today, and who knows if she’ll see her mom for the first time on Netflix.

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