Monica Setta, teasing and memes. Controversy on social media and she denounces: “They don’t like the way I do interviews.”

“From today exposed to the storm heaters that they would like to open thousands of pages against me because they don’t like the way I do interviews. You can bully me, in a good way or in a bad way, I am also free to report it for the protection of the interviewees.

The post with which the journalist and presenter Monica Setta on X (former Twitter), responses to disputes after the interview Patricia Miriliani in episode Stories of women at a crossroads, Paradise 2August 23 last year caused an avalanche of reactions to the mention of a possible return Miss Italy on Paradise 1, but even earlier this word “heaters” was a reference to serial web haters, but the correct English term for their definition is “haters”. A small mistake, I immediately noticed.

Social media doesn’t forgive mistakes

famous storm Heaters Paris“- writes Edo. “Well, yes, Heaters Parisi,” adds Crostino.

“By the way, boomers suck,” Nick comments. “Heaters for Hobbyists heated From beyoncé“, he adds


“I couldn’t weather the Parisi storm either,” Fabietto cuts in, bringing the discussion back on track: “Anyway, it’s not about the haters. Just an observation that not everyone can do a good job. It’s not a mistake. … It’s a fact, really.”

Miss Italy

As already mentioned, we are talking about the return of Miss Italy on Rai 1, made by the presenter during the episode that closes the first cycle. Stories of women at a crossroads. But in July, managing director Rai refuted this hypothesis. Robert Sergioon the occasion of the presentation of civil service schedules for 2023/2024.

“The program was recorded on June 2, and the completion of post-production is dated shortly before August 15,” the journalist explained. fan pages.

“No abbreviations”

“I have also read the controversy surrounding the possibility of returning Miss Italy to Paradise, but it did not seem necessary to me to intervene also because I tend to cut as little as possible,” Cetta added, “I do not like being a censor and in this case I would have to cut the quotation mark “living room”. I don’t know Rai’s schedule and it seemed inappropriate for me to interfere.” Has everything cleared up? Not really.

Viral videos

In fact, there is another very sensitive issue: over time, some of Monica Setta’s videos have gone viral because – so they say on social networks – she sometimes lacks empathy. For example, a sentence pronounced a became famous Rosanna Lambertucci during One morning with family: “I must say that you had another little girl who died as soon as she was born, and she rests in peace next to Alberto (her ex-husband, who died in 2014). Ed)”. Phrases that have become memes on social networks are supplemented by special accounts.


“I have informed my lawyer and Rai Law Office because the alteration of artfully assembled videos is detrimental to my professionalism,” the journalist explained in another post.

And to a user who notes that “things taken out of context are very famous things, these are excerpts from videos that go viral on social networks and serve only to increase fame and affection for the main characters of the video,” she said. replies simply: “If they are made by you.”

The question is closed. At least until the next storm heaters or haters. Indeed, on the Internet, it seems that the phrase circulating on the Internet has become the rule: “If you do not have social networks haters ruthless, you are nobody.”

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