Monopoly releases Napa Valley Edition to become wine moguls

The latest version of Monopoly is dedicated to the Napa Valley: the game world is nestled between wineries and luxury hotels.

Your secret dream is to stroll through the fragrant vineyards while crowds of low-paid workers work for you? To put your name next to the wineries that have made the history of star wine and perhaps in a few years will be the same as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? latest version Monopoly is right for you, then: Napa Valley Edition, the declension of the famous and at the same time infamous board game, which, as you might have guessed, was set in blooming California.

Monopoly Napa Valley Edition, or a literal version of Boozy Game of the Goose


There is only one little annoying quibble in all this – Monopoly Napa Valley Edition it is only available across the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. So to play it, there are two options: organize a trip to the land of the stars and stripes, taking care to leave extra space in your suitcase for the return trip, or otherwise buy it online.

Then there is, in truth, a third option, designed for those who prefer to save on a budget (or for those who are especially fond of decoupage and homemade solutions) – just take an old edition and stick on the names of the most famous wineries Napa Valley. Oh yeah, what on the other hand Monopoly Set in California, it’s no different than the game that first hit stores back in 1935: the same rules, the same number of squares, the same potential to break friendships or relationships you thought were immortal. There are weddings that ended in a hotel in Parco della Vittoria.

But back to us – the players Monopoly Napa Valley Edition in fact, they will be able to buy wineries like Beringer, Sterling Vineyards, Napa Cellars, Hall Wines and Frank Family Vineyards; and then enrich your plots by building luxury hotels or famous places. Naturally, there will also be the famous reverse side of the coin (the one that destroys friendly relations, in fact): the famous taxes, on occasion, underestimated on the wine theme.

Rounding out the rules are the inevitable cards with probabilities and unexpected events: this category includes panoramic balloon flights, rides on bike paths or chauffeured cars, and even the opportunity to get to an exclusive party in front of Alpha Fountains. Omega, one of the most famous wineries in the Napa Valley. Finally, there is the so-called wrong square, perhaps the most unfortunate in the game: the one that leads to prison.

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