Monregal’s summer continues with the rhythm of the music –

the success of ‘Doi Pass for Mondvi’, now in its twenty-eighth edition, continues. Also, the second evening of the event recorded excellent attendance and great participation during the events that enliven the historic center of Mondovi Brio. “SMAC”: Shopping, Music, Art, Culture! Kissable Summer!

Great satisfaction on the part of the organizers: on the one hand the association “La Funicolare”, supported by the Municipality of Mondovi, the Casa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation and the Piedmont Regional Council on the other: « Doi Pass continues to amaze – he declares mathias germonPresident of “The Funicular” – Bringing you new and exciting offers for Mondovi. The reference leads to the shows of the Crica delle drag queens who move from the stage of Italia Got Talent to the stage of Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore for a colorful and varied show. We give space to art in all its forms.

“The first two evenings of ‘Doi Paas’ were spectacular not only in terms of viewership but also in terms of media coverage.” mayor’s remarks luke robaldoand councilors for events, Alexander Tereno, ,We are particularly satisfied with the Tune-in – Art & Music Expo events organized by Spazio Giovanni. A project developed by Groove Eater Studio in collaboration with the City of Mondovi, CRC Foundation and Circle of Ideas, which aims to discover modern culture through art and music. Four stages, one each evening of the Doi Pass, which give voice to the musical and artistic talents of the Monregalese”.

And we continue! He will return tomorrow, Tuesday 11 July “Cinema Under the Stars”: starting at 21.30 the stairs of Piazza Maggiore will become suggestive chairs from which to enjoy, always with free admission, “worst”, An animated gangster film, ideal for a carefree family evening, famous villains, characters scaring crowds with their simple presence, led by the most charming and historically recognized of fairy tale villains: the wolf.

Also, on Wednesday 19 July, the spotlight was turned again on the Mondovi Brio district. “Doi Pass”, Major events of the third evening include the unprecedented exhibition in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, d “The Drag Queen Crew”, Jill Tonic, Lucrezia Borchia, Madelaine Rubia and Christy McBacon star in colorful performances brought to the stage Italy’s Got TalentA tribute to the queens of pop, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Madonna. Mount Doctor of Turin, in the former church of Santo Stefano, via Sant’Agostino francesco cassardo He will be the guest of Ca Mondovi and Italian Catholic Action. Guests from Azione Cattolica and Ca Mondovi, the climber will talk about his experience and the new project he is working on. Serious accident on the Gasherbrum VII in 2019, today a new operation with a humanitarian mission in Uganda.

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