Monterosso prepares for “Visionariae”

Preparations are in full swing for the event “Visionarie – The Look of a Woman”, which will be held in Monterosso al Mare (Spain) on August 25, 26 and 27. A unique event of its kind dedicated to the role and influence of women in history, art and society.

This year’s edition, titled “Visionaries: A Women’s Perspective – Politics, Rights, Economics, Power, and Other Women’s Affairs,” follows last year’s Women’s Review, which featured Tiziana’s “War Through Women’s Views.” Ferrario, Giovanna Botteri, Cecilia Sala and Marta Serafini led the Francesca Parmigiani debate. This year the review will last over three days, offering a program full of events not to be missed.

Mayor Emanuele Moggia commented during a presentation conference held in recent days at the Palazzo della Provincia last Friday: “Last year, when the war broke out in Ukraine, we thought, ‘Look how many female war correspondents there are in the world. … it will be a special attitude that will push women to confront a hostile and dangerous environment and tell it differently. Perhaps it is true that women have a special ability to tell, live and convey the story of war? And if so, why? This reflection led to the organization of last year’s “War Through the Eyes of Women” event with guests Giovanna Botteri, Tiziana Ferrario, Cecilia Sala and Marta Serafini.

In the previous case, one question remained: “But perhaps if women were in leadership positions in a larger and more meaningful way, would it be possible for things to go differently?” It is from here that this year’s event “Visionaries – A Woman’s View” was born, which will take place over three days from 25 to 27 August. With the subtitle “Politics, Rights, Economics, Power and More for Women” we want to delve deeper into these issues.

Mayor Moggia emphasizes that the goal is not confrontation, but an understanding of resources and nuances between the genders in order to promote new synergies, opportunities, respect and inclusion. This event also aims to engage the masculine universe, create a constructive dialogue for a more just and enriching future for all, and who knows if the discussion will once again spark the question from which the third edition of the project will emerge.


August 25, 2023, Molo dei Pescatori at 21:00: From the Resistance to the Constituent Assembly and beyond: the long journey of women’s emancipation
The premiere, directed by the talented Francesca Parmigiani, will present a fascinating dialogue with Michela Ponzani, Annachiara Valle and Daniela Brunelli. This exceptional case will allow us to explore the path of women’s emancipation, focusing on their participation in the Italian resistance, armed and civilian. The meeting is intended to shed light on the long and often tortuous path of emancipation, highlighting the genetic link between the struggle for liberation from Nazi fascism, the birth of the republican constitution and the decisive stages of women’s emancipation. Through dialogue among the guests, the evening will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the goals achieved and the steps yet to be taken to ensure effective gender equality in Italian society.

August 26, 2023, Molo dei Pescatori at 21.00: Bold singer-songwriters.
The second evening will give us an unforgettable show with Giulia Mutti, the young hope of Italian music. Through a theatrical song, Julia will lead us into the world of four singer-songwriters: Patti Smith, Nada, Lady Gaga and Gianna Nannini. Magical musical moments will make us relive the emotions of their songs, and the story will reveal anecdotes and curiosities from the life of these extraordinary artists. The show, based on a theatrical song, is dedicated to the singer-songwriter beyond generations, fashion and time. The protagonists are women, sensitive, eclectic, hard-working artists who are able to break the rules and build worlds around their songs.

August 27, 2023, Molo dei Pescatori at 21:00: Women of power, power of women
At the third and final evening, hosted by renowned journalist Tiziana Ferrario, we will discuss the critical issue of gender equality in Italy. We look at the challenges women face in leadership positions and discuss the actions needed to overcome inequalities. Three successful women in their fields: Laura Boldrini for political power, Agnese Pini for informational power and Giada Zhang for economic power, will share their experiences and reflections, inspiring the public to promote a more just and inclusive future. During the event, we will present initiatives and projects that demonstrate the positive impact of female power in changing the existing social system and encouraging other women to follow in their footsteps. Future challenges and opportunities for women in the context of power and social change will be discussed.

In this way, VISIONARIES intends to celebrate the achievements of women by highlighting the importance of a collaborative, respectful and inclusive approach to power and inspiring participants to become agents of change in their lives and in society.

During these three days, we would like to offer inspiring reflections and celebrations to explore the courageous “Women’s View” of the world and their contribution to the formation of a more equal society.

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