Months after comparisons between Venus and Serena Williams went viral, 18-year-old rising WTA star reveals her love for Meghan Markle’s hit Netflix show

In the world of professional tennis, where every move is scrutinized, it’s easy to forget that the players we admire have interests outside of the game. Linda Fruhvirtova is an 18-year-old rising tennis star from the Czech Republic. She is not only an athlete, but also a young person with her own tastes and trends. While she’s experienced a lot of ups and downs on the tennis court in 2023, she’s also eager to share what she likes to watch and listen to in her free time.

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The 18-year-old Czech tennis star made a huge splash entering the second week of the Australian Open earlier this year. However, she failed to live up to her early promise and subsequently suffered a difficult period in the summer with a series of 10 consecutive losses.

Linda Fruhvirtova’s life off the court


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In a candid interview with Tennis Channel International, Frukhvertova revealed that she has eliminated bops from her rotation. When it comes to music, Fruchvertova has diverse tastes. she says, “I listen to everything. It depends on my mood. The playlist changes throughout the year, but I really like listening to a mix of music: ’80s, ’90s oldies, a little bit of hip-hop, some pop . It’s really everything. Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ is being played everywhere, so I definitely know that one. I love Taylor Swift.” But music was just one of the topics discussed.

She shares her binge-watching preferences, reflecting her generation’s entertainment choices. When asked about her favorite TV show, she shared: “I love watching Suits. I watched it from beginning to end last year. On TikTok, I see a lot of clips from Friends. Those two are in front of me a lot now, so I watch it every time Seconds to them!”

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It turns out Meghan Markle’s charm attracts people from all over! But in addition to her entertainment choices resonating, just a few months ago the community compared Fruvertova and her sister to another legendary pair in tennis, the Williams sisters .

Brenda Fruhvirtova and Linda Fruhvirtova set the record straight

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In an interview, Linda Fruchvertova’s sister Brenda spoke about the long-standing comparisons between them and the Williams sisters. Brenda, who had just won her ninth championship at the time, said, “Of course, the Williams sisters are probably the greatest of all time, but we never tried to like or imitate anyone. Yeah, we just wanted to go our own way.” The Fruchvertova sisters have great respect for the Williams sisters but are determined to leave their mark on the tennis world in their own way.


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In professional tennis, Linda Fruvitova has experienced highs and lows in 2023. She performed well in her Australian Open debut, beating the future Wimbledon champion along the way. However, after a brilliant start, she hit a rough patch with a 10-game losing streak. This is her first year on the WTA Tour, so she’s still figuring things out. As the 2024 season approaches, let’s see what the youngster can offer on the current WTA Tour.

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