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The sun sets on the Monza race track, a century old circuit that is the scene of endless emotions and battles between great champions. This year, Max Verstappen triumphantly won, destroying another record, merciless even against superstition. However, at the foot of the podium is a stormy red sea with brightly colored flags proudly waving the emblem of the Prancing Horse. Watching the Spaniard clutching a well-deserved trophy, thousands of voices merge into a single chant, a cry of passion escaping from the heart. Could this be unconditional love?

Monza, immersed in the silence of the park, wakes up from a long sleep, awakened by thousands of fans gathered to support the local celebrity: the Scuderia Ferrari. Difficulties, mistakes, unfulfilled promises – all this disappears at the sight of two reds, who on this occasion adorned themselves with yellow, as a tribute to the Modena origin of the stable. The truth is that, as Drake Enzo Ferrari claimed, passion cannot be described, it can only be experienced. Now, far from the ancient dreams of glory, the fans have nothing left but dedication, a blind and inexhaustible hope that the Italian anthem will soon flood the world again with its symphony.

During the Italian weekend, the two Ferrari flag bearers made the more experienced fans and younger fans dream alike by signing pole position and third position on Saturday and finishing the Grand Prix with Carlos Sainz on the very bottom step of the podium. In a few cents, Charles Leclerc greets his spectators with breathtaking duels with his teammate, congratulating at the end of the race on the Spaniard’s first Italian podium finish. Because Charles knows this, the red people’s love is unstoppable.

Find the words

If passion cannot be described in words, we at Multiformula have tried to put it into words.

Prima esperienza da tifosa, in parabolica, circondata da Tifosi della Rossa. Esperienza indimenticabile! Sentire tutto l'affetto dei tifosi anche durante questa stagione difficile fa capire che la Ferrari va oltre il tifo, è una passione e, per alcuni, una religione. La rifarei. 
- Federica   

The Monza Grand Prix was able to give strong emotions also thanks to the numerous battles on the track: the fight is not only between two Ferraris and Red Bull, but also in the center of the field! What prevailed even among the drivers was the joy of rediscovering competitive Formula 1, fighting until the last corner – or parabolically.

Monza è sempre stata molto speciale per me, si respira aria di passione e sogni. La vera casa della Ferrari, sentire il tifo è qualcosa di meraviglioso, e sono sicura che anche per i piloti sia stato così. Nonostante non si vinca da anni, l'amore per la Ferrari va oltre, la passione per la Rossa è una fede. Non vedo l'ora sia il prossimo anno per ritornarci!  - Chiara 

Indeed, over the weekend we saw sacred postcards by Charles Leclerc scattered around, bottles of holy water in a vain attempt to prophesy. miracle for two Ferraris and serenades sung under Ferraristi’s hotel rooms. The loyalty of the fans to the Scuderia and the drivers at this difficult moment seems stronger than ever, as evidenced by the red-ocean crowd at the foot of the podium during the awards, ready to praise Carlos Sainz.

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Quest'anno ho lavorato al Gran Premio per la prima volta e, con questa opportunità, ho parlato con molti tifosi. Il giovedì mi trovavo all'ingresso di Vedano, dove sfilano i piloti in macchina, e l'emozione intorno era incredibile. Tifosi che hanno aspettato ore anche solo per un saluto, capellini regalati e, in generale, si sentiva il supporto per tutti i piloti, non solo i due Ferrari. Gli altri giorni li ho trascorsi in fan zone dove non avevo mai visto in tutta la mia vita una quantità simile di santini! Tifosi Ferrari che scherzavano e ballavano insieme a tifosi Red Bull (ho assistito anche a uno scambio di cappellini). Nelle pause sono riuscita a girare varie tribune tra cui l'Ascari durante le qualifiche e le tribune centrali nel mentre delle prove libere: il boato ogni volta che passavano Charles e Carlos non lo dimenticherò. Sono contentissima di questa esperienza! - Sara 

You can only live

Weekend in Monza ends The result of Red Bull one-two is dictated by the clear superiority of two cars over competitors. There may be new hope in the house of Ferrari: Not only does Scuderia seem to have closed the gap separating it from Red Bull, but it now also has confidence that it can count on Ferraristi’s backing. The unbreakable bond between the fans and the team has, in fact, been able to make the story of the Prancing Horse unique for decades, a precious dedication from which the riders themselves draw energy. Indeed, for Ferraristi, Ferrari has never been just a team, but something more: in fact, the red paint hides dreams and passions, tears of joy and bitterness.

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