Monza: Farewell to the founder of Canali

The business world mourns the death at age 91 of Eugenio Canali, former mayor of Triuggio.

Business World Mourns Death (Yesterday, Saturday, August 26th) Eugene Canalsfounder of a well-known tailoring company from Triugio.

Kanali Company

The name Canali has been associated with Brianza since 1934, when the brothers James AND John they opened the first atelier in Triugio. Eugenio with his brothers Being AND Joseph, lost in recent years, continued the family business, transforming the raincoat business into top-quality men’s outerwear in the 1960s, making the company a world-famous brand. From a small atelier with a few employees, Canali has become the flagship of the Brianza spa industry. Canali, now in its third generation, is one of the last companies to produce bespoke suits entirely in Italy. It has an extraordinary success abroad and introduces “Made in Italy” products to the world.

Eugene Canals

Company President Eugenio Canali, born in 1932, originally from Triuggio, moved to Monza in 1961 after marrying his wife. Anna. In Triugio, he also served as mayor. In addition to his wife Anna, he has children Marco, Paul, Mary Grace, Elizabeth AND Stephen with their families. The funeral will take place on Tuesday, August 29, at 10.45 am in the Cathedral of Monza, in the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista.


“It was an honor for me to work with him. A great entrepreneur and a great person has left us. His motto “either he goes or he must go” will always remain with us along with all the teachings he received. May he rest in peace Dr. Eugenio.”

In 1981, he also took over the company in the Marche region and founded the Ancon company, starting the production of men’s outerwear according to the tailor-made system. Condolences came from Mayor Filottrano. Lauratta Giulioni:

“Eugenio Canali wrote the history of our city, making a decisive contribution to its development and the spread of prosperity through the creation of jobs. In August 2001 he founded “Pantalonificio delle Marche” and separated the production of trousers from jackets … I have a very strong memory and great admiration for Dr. Canali, with whom I had the opportunity to get to know him closely.

The full version of the service will be published on Newspaper Karate and Monza at newsstands from Tuesday, August 29, 2023.

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