Monza: Grand Prix Fanzone Program

Free admission on Thursday 31 August for Formula 2 and Formula 3 drivers. Instead of Friday, a place for the main characters of Formula 1 with the main drivers and teams.

Expectations are growing in Monza for the start of events leading up to the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. Among them, of course, the opening of the fan zone for the 94th Grand Prix, which will take place on Thursday, August 31st.

Grand Prix show in Fanzone starts on August 31st.

The space dedicated to the fans will be opened by the pilots Formula 2 AND Formula 3, who will be on stage from 15.30 to 16.30. The opening of the site, located between the straight opposite the boxes and the high-speed ring road, is scheduled for 14:00, admission is free, access is only from Mirabello street.

Leclerc and Sainz on stage on Saturday morning

From Friday, Fanzone will provide enough space for the main characters of Formula 1 with the main drivers and teams. The calendar of meetings provides that on the day dedicated to free practice, riders will alternate. Aston Martin (10.45 -10.55), Alpha Taurus (10.55-11.05), Williams (11.55-12.05) Alfa Romeo (12.05-12.15) and McLaren (12.15-12.25).

In the afternoon, from 14.40, it will be the turn of the leaders of the Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin teams. Saturday pilots will take the stage in the morning ferrari (10.25-10.35), Mercedes (10.35-10.45), Red Bull (10.45-10.55), Alpine AND Haas (10.55-11-05). From Friday – opening from 9 to 19 – access will be allowed only to those who have a ticket for the days of the GP.

The gates of the facility, in contrast, will open to the public from 7 a.m. (7:30 a.m. on Friday, September 1). Tickets can be purchased at and

Tire changer, simulator and Formula 1 made in Italy

Not only. In the fan zone, enthusiasts will be able to try their hand at changing tires, test their skills on a simulator, experience the thrill of a podium finish and jump into the Formula 1 of the future. But it will also be an opportunity to admire some single-seat cars of the past, made in Italy: Alfa Romeo 182 (1982) Minardi 189 (1989) BMS/Dallar Cosworth 190 (1990) Lambo 291 (1991) Fondmetal GR02 (1992). The soundtrack will be guaranteed by eight branded DJs. M2O – partner radio Fanzone – which will celebrate the rhythm of the weekend in Monza in turn. Saturday Night Live with Carola Campagna. Sunday noon, the grand finale after the traditional end-of-race invasion of the track.

Tribute to Ferrari with the Queen of Le Mans 499P

Style, innovation, high performance, luxury: Ferrari is everything. As well as races and competitions. “Winning and even just participating have a special connotation in Monza,” he said Enzo Ferrari. And Cavallino, following the vision of its founder, pays tribute to its native race with a prestigious presence in the fan zone with single-seat cars and closed-wheel cars.

Of particular importance is 499Pthe hypercar that brought Cavallino victory in 24 Hours of Le Mans who had been missing for 58 years, the crew consisted of Antonio Giovinazzi, Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado. It is Giovinazzi, who acts in Monza as a reserve pilot for the Reds, who will be one of the main characters of the fanzone. But Ferraris are also real works of art, and therefore the bodies of some of the examples that have gone down in history will be on display: 750 Monzalaid the foundation for the collaboration between Cavallino and Scaglietti; 250 GTO since 1962, perhaps the most legendary Ferrari; Red Head Pontoon Wing and three P4three of which depict in plastic form the famous arrival at the 1967 Daytona 24 Hours parade: one of the most significant victories of the Maranello company.

Drivers at the parade with “their” historic cars

The fan zone will also feature historic cars, where drivers will greet the public during the traditional Sunday morning parade: a feature pioneered in Monza is that the drivers will be on board the company’s vehicles, which will supply them with a power supply. Verstappen and Perez (Red Bull), Ricciardo and Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) will drive vintage Fords. In fact, starting from 2026, the engines of the American company will be equipped with the cars of the well-known Austrian company for the production of energy drinks.

Anthem of Mameli: Il Volo sings to the notes of the musical orchestra of the State Police

An exciting preliminary competition will feature a tricolor dance to the notes of an electric violin played by Andrea Casta. Sing the Mameli anthem a few minutes before the start, flight. The trio will be accompanied by notes from the State Police Orchestra. At the end of the event, a traditional flyby was held tricolor arrows.

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