Monza successfully hosted the European Women’s Volleyball Championship

President of the Regional Committee of Lombardy Fipav Piero Sezza: “Once again, the love and passion for volleyball has won, and Lombardy has proved itself as an ideal place for major international events”

Careful work, months of preparation and organization made it possible to complete the stage of the 2023 European Women’s Volleyball Championship in Monza 48 hours ago with incredible results. The local organizing committee of the sporting event currently underway in Turin sums up the “event that revived”Monza Arena from 16 to 19 August and required great organizational efforts.

Monza successfully hosted the European Women’s Volleyball Championship

Impressive efforts leading to outstanding results, above all in terms of audience frame: for four days of competition, despite the period of summer holidays, well 9500 spectators they filled the stadium, inspired by what was going on on the field, as well as the entertainment provided by the market town outside, the play of lights, music and shows between games.

Fipav committee satisfied

Fipav Regional Committee in Lombardywho took on the task of organizing the stage together with CEV extension AND Italian Volleyball Federation and in collaboration Territorial Committee of Milan Monza Leccoexpresses great satisfaction with the President’s words Peter Cezza:

“We are delighted. I’m not ashamed to say that the response from the public has exceeded all expectations, considering the time of year, the harsh climate and the lack of cartel matches. Once again, the love and passion for volleyball has won and Lombardy has established itself as an ideal location for major international events, also thanks to the experience gained over the years, in which we have shown that we can host events of the highest level.”

Many volunteers took part in four sports days

Over 90 volunteers the organization employs a total of almost 140 employeeswhose contribution proved indispensable to the overall success of the event.

“Everything worked out well,” confirms CT Milano President Monza Lecco. Massimo Sala, who also took on the role of security manager for the event – and we would like to thank everyone who attended, in particular, for their availability: it was not easy, especially at this time of traditional summer holidays. Heartfelt gratitude is also addressed to the region of Lombardy, which supported this event with an important contribution, to the municipality of Monza and to all the institutions that were close to us.”

Excellent visibility of Monza

Moreover, the Europeans guaranteed excellent media visibility in Monza and its territory, as with the approach of eventsEuro volleyball tour (Cup presentation in Milan and Monza, seminar on the economic impact of major events and Volley Talk on the history of the Azzurri), both with live matches 13 TV channels from 12 European countries. outside 3 million viewersIn particular, he followed the live broadcast of two matches of Italy against Switzerland and Bulgaria on the channels Paradise AND Sky. A large number of subscribers to this event are also on the profiles of the Federation and local committees on Facebook and Instagram.

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