Morata, a gesture on the field after a goal. And Alice Campello: “Just you and me ..”

Alvaro Morata surprised everyone during a recent competition between Atlético Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.. The Spaniard entered the first faction after 35 minutes after a small problem Depay scored a double. Goals that underline Alvaro’s importance at Atlético Madrid and could somehow alienate the market. Therefore, the great enthusiasm for the former Spanish player of Juventus is supported not only by the fans at the stadium, but also by the fans at home.

Morata, Alice Campello’s secret gesture on the pitch

Even Alvaro Morata’s wife, Alice CampelloAn incredible spectacle arranged by a football player on the field was not in vain. However, the attention of fans was attracted by the story shared by a woman on Instagram, where Morata creates gods. special hand gestures during the match, which appeared as dedications to his beloved wife. Commenting on the photo, Alice wrote: “Only you and I know“. A coded message that apparently only the Mora spouses know, the meaning of which they want to keep secret.

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