Morcheeba, The Innocent, Talisco… in the vicinity of Toulouse, Bikini offers in the season of gold


According to welcome (with others), the festival Electro, Alternative, Bikini its programming raises mainly rock and rap, with peaks, is a must. The program.

The Innocent, a time of good fortune enjoy the Bikini-Ramonville on may 30. January, 2020.
The Innocent, a time of good fortune enjoy the Bikini-Ramonville on may 30. January, 2020. (©

The sound of the waves begins to fade, we can do this, dynamic and angry, from the return to Bikini. As so often, the programming will be in October and november of 2019, from Wednesday, 2. in October, the extraordinary Sleaford Mods. This duo between hip-hop and punk-prepared with a verve that has no equal, by the English society. And it’s moving.

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The talent crazy, Talisco

The online shops of Deluxe affect the next day, your electric radio very much enjoyed (it is long) and you will find Taliscoback with a new album, ” Kings and Fools “. Make a note of this date Sunday, may 6. October 2019 : on the stage, the young charisma and a talent for crazy has.

And to say when one speaks of talent, Rodrigo Y Gabriela ? In Eleven albums (including four live-fire bombs) Mexican, the duettistes, you on 15. October 2019, has revolutionized the classical guitar, you want to beat and shoving like no one with a play and a complicity to light.

The pop of the French top

Different universe : a gigantic electric French Laurent Garnieris on 25. October in a Bikini. The next day, it follows the guitars the return of these groups in French : The Last Train, MNNQNS, Twin Souls. We establish and October, with excellent Naive New because it is but also (31).

Caution, legend ! The fantastic Belle & Sebastian in Glasgow on 3 be. november 2019 ramonvilloise in the room and you shaking already with excitement. Everything you love in British pop (melodies, the guitars, crystal clear, text, subtle) in Belle & Sebastian. Absolutely inratable.

Daho, Rita Mitsouko, archive… it is full

It is back ! Étienne Daho re-enchant ” Eden “, their album (sublime) 1996. Emotions guaranteed at the 6. november… for those who have already booked, because it is full. Two other heavy weights of the scene electro-rock-French consecutive 10 and 11. november : Fakear and Odezenne, always flawless concert.

Another event : the Belgians of Balthasar, the 4e the album, ” Fever “, is already promised now that the highest places in the rankings at the end of the year. You are on 13. november 2019 in a Bikini. The anger Izia you also returns, the 14, before the mystical Archive (the 15 and it is full), to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group.

Rock, rap and funk

A lot of rock, but rap and well exciting For Puccino19. Two great dates 26 and 27 : The Avener and Catherine Ringer, which interprets the directory in gold by Rita Mitsouko (also here, it is full).

The Bikini is located at the 4. December, with Féfé & Leeroytwo rappers have talent, this is a crazy bet to your single and unique album-duo-and for a single tour… 365 days. On 5. December La Grande Sophie is his comeback-and we are delighted that an artist of the beautiful, and is still shockingly unknown.

And punk, in particular, what ? With the legendary Ludwig Von 88 and The Toy Dolls on 7. and 8. December, it is served. It is punk, but the trend of the moon : Philippe Katerine is on 11. December in a Bikini to deliver it, his ” confessions “. Note the swordthis super-group consisting of Limiñanas, Emmanuelle Seigner and Anton Newcombe (of the cult, Brian Jonestown Massacre) : you are in danger, not from her concert on the 18. December… before you say goodbye to 2019, with excellent Etienne de Crécy 28.

And in the year 2020 ?

The programming 2020 is not yet complete, but there is something in the water in the mouth : Hi, This is Cool (18. January), The Innocent (30. January), Berywam (5. March), Caravan Palace (12. March), Arno (21. March), Superbus (22. March) and Morcheeba (23. March). You don’t even have a dance ready…

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