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How do you assess the post-pandemic market? Are you satisfied or could it be done better?
There is always hope to get better! Having said that, the data tells us that quality films still perform very well in theaters: I mean, for example, the approval received by titles such as eight mountains, Last day of love AND Weirdness. Comedy suffers a bit more at the box office, although personally I don’t like to talk about genres: I’ve always been of the opinion that the only correct distinction is between good and less good films.

So how do you respond to those who claim there will never be a return to pre-pandemic numbers in terms of box office and theater capacity?
In the past, overall box office receipts were higher because there were so many—too many, in my opinion—movies. Today, however, consumption is more fragmented: the cost of SVOD has risen and, consequently, the cost of theatrical but, from an industry point of view, there is a balance. Here, I believe the pandemic has marked a consolidating situation in which some products are gaining a lot of popularity in the Vault: a success that might not have been had they been released in theaters (and vice versa). Take, for example, the case There was a time: The comedy with Edoardo Leo did very well on Netflix. I wonder if the same film would have received the same echo in theaters? Of course, streaming stands out as a winning product.

So in the future, cinematic production models may become products. only streamers and movies for the hall?
Probably, the cinema is more and more focused on event films: if the film is expected, it gets good results at the box office. In cinemas, I also get to see great authors and films that deserve to be seen on a big screen like ours. John Wick. On the other hand, mid to low budget products are likely to require a rethink in an industrial system different from the past. This will lead to a reduction in the number of films in theaters, possibly in favor of longer stays on the billboard.

Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s film. (Photo: © Lorenzo Sisti)

Are institutions doing enough for the sector?
I really don’t think we can complain. Politics has always been very attentive to us: a lot has been done, and sometimes cinema has received even more than other industries. The hope is to be able to maintain the current levels of tax relief, perhaps with more certainty about the timing, especially for international enforcement proceedings.

Will it help develop a strategic plan involving manufacturers, exhibitors and distributors?
It’s a project that I’ve been hearing about since I was a kid and we haven’t started on it yet. It is clear that this would be useful, but everyone looks into his own “garden”. However, in recent years, trade associations representing various industries have done a lot: I think we can continue to move in this direction.

What will be your next films?
We will have a new film by Martin Scorsese: Flower Moon Assassins (see Cinema Paradise). Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, it is scheduled for October. Then it’s on the list ferrari: In the center is the story of Enzo Ferrari, played by Adam Driver. However, on the platform we will run In 5.

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