More beautiful impossible! As well wore Yanet Garcia in a video promoting what your film?


Last year, Yanet Garcia it was part of a comedy film directed by the Spanish director, Jordi Arencón. Despite the fact that it did not have the expected success, will be available on a digital platform.

With a video, in which highlights your beauty and charisma, the mexican actress announced that “Bellezonismo”, from this Sunday, is on Amazon Prime Video.

The plot tells the story of the characters, Socrates and Capri, racing drivers, who end up in a center that seeks to find something that Yanet it has in its entire splendor.

That is the beauty. The film has not received good reviews. According to the portal “Huffpost”, its rating is 1.9 / 10. Even so, the streaming platform will have enabled this film where she works the exchica climate of Televisa.

In addition to the announcement, which is really important for the model, which highlighted the publication was the recording that was used Yanet Garcia to give the news.

In the video, the tv presenter you are in a room full of beds. Background sounds the song, “Forever Young”. She gets up, looks in the mirror. Then she smiles and throws a kiss, that ends at your cheek.

However, some of the comments that most highlighted were both desopilantes. “If I am out I give you an Oscar, although it is not as good as the movie, but you’re the best”, “With all due respect. The message of this film I still don’t understand it”. So, if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime Video and you’re a fan of Yanet Garcia, you might take a look and see if it is good or, as he says the critique, is not as successful as his career in the entertainment industry.