More horns for Irina Shayk! Bradley Cooper is the put…


September 17, 2019
(15:40 CET)

From that Bradley Cooper would decide to put point and to end his relationship with Irina Shayk, rumors of a possible new dating have not ceased. The actor is one of the most desired in the film scene. During these last months he was engaged with his mate in the cast A star is born, Lady Gaga. However, the american singer took to deny this alleged relationship, presenting in public events, his current partner, producer Dan Horton.

The media are willing to leave no single actor, for this reason we have searched for another partner. A few weeks ago and saw him having breakfast with lto actress Laura Dern. There was talk of a possible courtship between the two, but the one involved has wanted to settle the rumors once before that happens to you as Lady Gaga.

Laura Dern has spoken with US Weekly and has denied that they are dating despite the fact that recently they were photographed having lunch together.“We are only friends great, almost a family. We are very fortunate to have each other,” explained the protagonist Small deceitful.

The protagonist of Jurassic Park had no problem in dispelling the rumors and was very close. He understands that being a person as famous as Cooper will become the center of gossip. “All the world will always have something to comment on when something is intriguing,” he says. Still not understood as the actor most attractive Hollywood can remain a bachelor.

“Bradley is a great person, the best, and also one of my best friends. So I’m not going to take the fight to anyone who feel so curious about his love life because he’s just spectacular”sentence.

Will have to go with more eye the next time we see him with another woman. But supporters of the artist believe that it might have had something with it in the past when you had a relationship with Irina Shayk. “Why hasn’t he explained what they were doing together? If preparing a new project, you can say calmly”.