More natural than ever: Miley Cyrus makes us rediscover the beauty of simplicity

INthe desire for freedom and to show yourself in the most natural way possible? Miley Cyrus shows us how it’s done, and she does it very well.

Password, simplicity. And when it comes to surprising a talented and beloved singer Miley Cyrus he really does it with style. Even if this means showing yourself in an image that may be new to what we are used to, but absolutely exceptional.

A complete absence of makeup which showcases Miley Cyrus’s natural charm in a simple way and with an effect that conveys lightness and a desire for freedom. After all, what could be more beautiful than showing yourself as you are, without any worries and with only one desire? be completely yourself?

And if this feeling of naturalness takes hold of you, then there is no better muse than Miley Cyrus, who has truly captivated us all with her latest look. A beauty look It’s all soap and water, highlighting the singer’s fair complexion and her cute, makeup-free and beautiful features.

Lack of makeup that goes perfectly with blonde hair in a wild version of Miley Cyrus. Medium length hair left loose over the shoulders and top. disheveled finish, perhaps also because of the place in which it is located. But which, with her unkempt bangs and the super-easy vibe of her outfit, only further highlights the innate charm and allure that Miley Cyrus can exude. Even in the simplest and most natural version.

A beautiful look that does not require the use of any makeup, but without a doubt, it does. skin care carefully and daily. To guarantee maximum well-being, completely natural elasticity and brightness. So the green lightgentle cleansing with products suitable for your face, toner, serum and moisturizer. And never forget Sun protection (yes, even if you are not at sea).

And also apply at least once or twice a week. mask. A useful ally for deep cleansing the skin and achieving a supernatural look with a subtle effect, like the beautiful Miley Cyrus. The muse of your soap image.

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