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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) – A new date for canine and feline modeling will open this Tuesday, September 19, at the new Vista Hermosa Medical Center in San Jose del Cabo.

The Municipal Health Bureau stated that the main goal is to strengthen the overall control of cats and dogs, prevent more and more stray animals from dying on the streets, causing diseases, and safeguard people’s health.

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The requirement for this intervention is to keep your pet from liquids and solids for at least eight hours. Animals must not be lactating and, in the case of females, in estrus or pregnant.

The start time for receiving animals is 7:00 am. Those interested in taking an animal to be neutered and wishing to obtain more information can call mobile: 624 132 14 54.

Los Cabos City Health Director Juan Carlos Kostic acknowledged in a previous interview that stray dogs and cats have become a health problem in the city, with the number of animals roaming the streets as of the first half of this year reaching approximately There are 500,000 of them.

The health concern lies in the fecal particles circulating through the air on public roads, affecting citizens suffering from a variety of ailments such as gastroenteritis, allergies, conjunctivitis, etc.

The Municipal Health Department continues its sterilization campaign and informs through their social networks where free surgeries will be performed.

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The appeal is directed to citizens who have pets and wish to have them neutered, or who have the opportunity to remove felines and canines from the streets to prevent them from continuing to breed.

On the other hand, the Municipal Health Department also announced that the next health team will be set up next to the San Jose del Cabo Basketball Auditorium from September 18 to 23, where vaccinations, HIV and pregnancy tests will be conducted.

Regarding free laboratory testing services, the following services will be provided: breast cancer antigens and cancer antigens; as well as Pap smears, dental services, general medical consultations, electrocardiograms, mammograms, vision tests, psychological and nutritional consultations.

Service hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is recommended to arrive early. Each service is limited to 30 tokens.

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