More sea lions die from bird flu on Mar del Plata beach

Bird flu in sea lions has claimed the lives of at least 75 sea lions that have been found on beaches in the port of Mar del Plata and throughout the coastline. However, Juan Lorenzani, head of the Argentinian animal foundation, warned on Monday that the animals that died over the weekend still had to be counted. 0223.

Lorenzani acknowledged that dead or dying animals occur on a daily basis, and said that while it might be cause for concern, “it’s a very common occurrence when the avian influenza virus is circulating in sea lion and bird populations.” .

According to his calculations, half of the dead animals corresponded to sea lion colonies in the port, while the rest were scattered on the city’s beaches.

As a precautionary measure, port alliance He decides Stay close to the South Breakwater to prevent the spread of disease The traditional Fishermen’s Bank (Banquina de los Pescadores) has also extended its quarantine.Additionally, from National Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) Publishes Action Protocol for Testing Dead or Diseased Marine Specimens

Likewise, a special protocol was in place for deep burial of dead animals and isolation of live animals that were found to have flu-like symptoms to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, the Argentine Zoological Society insists that Avoid going to the beach and approaching dead sea lions or sea lions with bird flu symptoms because of this disease spread by contact. Again, they point out that the same applies to pets, and in that sense they stress not to bring them to shore.

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