More slim, sensual and daring Adamari López looks with this purple minidress

The garment stuck to the entire anatomy of the Puerto Rican like a glove

This week seems to have improved for Adamari López. The co-host of Un Nuevo Día captivated her fans by appearing on screen in a purple minidress. The garment made her look not only slimmer but also sensual and daring, as it fitted her entire anatomy like a glove.

“Very pretty and the color of the suit looks beautiful 🇵🇷”, wrote one of her fans before the image. Others just said: Linda. Beautiful. Beautifull. And it is that with 49 years of age Adamari has shown that it is never too late to take back the reins of your life and make a change in favor of your physical well-being.

The driver has fought with natural weapons to be able to lose all the weight she gained during her pregnancy. Diets and plenty of exercises have been part of her key. It has also made use of non-invasive processes to lose body fat. But beyond these, Adamari López takes care of contaminating her body or attacking it with products that could lead to other types of health problems.


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