More than 2.8 million doses of flu and Covid-19 vaccines administered in one month – Observador

More than 2.8 million doses of influenza and Covid-19 vaccines were administered in Portugal last month, according to an official announcement from the third edition of the fair, with increased efforts being made against influenza.

According to official data from the weekly seasonal vaccination report for influenza and Covid-19, More than 259,988 people received Covid-19 vaccine last weekperfazendo Cumulative total since September 29, 1,010,615 doses of vaccine administeredand 341,155 doses of flu vaccinetotaling to the cumulative total 1,271,728 doses of vaccine administered.

In both cases, pharmacies administer most of the vaccines.

Influenza vaccine coverage More than 40% in two 70 years and fix us 47.07% are not married to two people over 80 years old.Regarding Covid-19, your vaccination coverage is low 40% of people over 80 years old and fix us 34.3% 70 to 79 years old.entry age 60 and 69 years old 20.53% Fight Covid-19 e 24.25% against influenza.

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It does not refer to vaccination for specific groups of people. More than 100,000 residents of Lares vaccinated against Covid-19 and More than 110,000 people fight influenza.between you Patients with dangerous medical conditions have received 71,110 doses of Covid-19 vaccine and 79,863 doses of influenza vaccine.We are a prison, between Prisoners and professionals, 1,630 received Covid-19 vaccine and 1,836 received flu vaccine.

Abaixo two 60 year olds, have holes in management nearby 118,000 people turn against Covid-19 and more than 207,000 people fight influenza.

This year’s flu vaccinations are taking place in tandem with Covid-19, with priority given to the following areas: Community pharmacies for people aged 60 and over.

The National Health Service (SNS) is intended for people under 60 years of age with dangerous medical conditions, pregnant women, two health care professionals (public and private) and other health care providers, students in clinical settings, firefighting personnel involved in transportation Staff teachers and caregivers and their dependents will be summoned by the appropriate health center where they are registered.

Vaccination is also part of our service and is part of the ongoing care network integrated in the prison by SNS professionals.

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