More than 2,500 requested return to Mexico in the middle of a crisis by coronavirus • Forbes Mexico


The Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that 2,830 mexicans are stranded in different parts of the world, and expect to return to the country in the next few days, due to the health emergency by coronavirus Covid-19.

In the conference morning the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard said that until now, the federal government has supported the return of 8,635 mexicans from different countries.

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“There are a few that are on don there are commercial flights that are the least, many who are in countries where there are no flights, and other presence of partial flights,” said Ebrard.

Noted that also give you a detailed report of our fellow-countrymen who have died from this disease abroad, but said that it has registered 108 mexican deaths in the united States, of which 15 families have requested the repatriation of the remains.

Mexicans stranded in various parts of the world in the framework of the health emergency

Source: Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE)

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