More than 60 guests at a wedding in Ciudad Real suffer from food poisoning

This is a day to celebrate. However, at a wedding in Piedrabuena (Citadel Real), as many as 62 guests were attacked. food poisoning After attending the banquet.Of all those affected by this poisoning, there were Two people need hospital treatmentHowever, the Ministry of Health assured Euronews that they are progressing smoothly.

Since the event took place last weekend, multiple tests have been carried out to find more possible cases among the attendees. But so far, only 62 guests with symptoms consistent with the infection have been registered.The health department is looking into the facts, they are cultures are performed to try to identify the pathogen.

How to Avoid Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an illness caused by food ingesting food with bacteriaThe Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) explains.

An example of an infection is Salmonellosis and Hepatitis A; In case of poisoning, Botulism and acute gastroenteritis and parasitic diseases, trichinosis and Anisakiasis.

Summer is a period of high incidence of food poisoning, because High temperature favors the growth of microorganisms.

AESAN recommends following a series of rules and precautions to avoid these diseases:

  • Consume hygienically prepared or processed foods and cook foods of animal origin properly.
  • Serve immediately after cooking or refrigerate properly.
  • Heat cooked food well.
  • Avoid contact with raw and cooked food.
  • Maintain proper cleanliness.
  • Keep food out of the reach of insects, rodents and pets.
  • Use drinking water.
  • Do not consume perishable foods exposed to room temperature.

Poisoning incident at another wedding in Salamanca

News of the incident in Ciudad Real followed another incident of food poisoning at a wedding reception in Salamanca, which also took place at a wedding. The bride’s grandmother passed away—It is currently being investigated whether the death was related to food poisoning. The poisoning also affected 40 other people.the experts are collect samples Find out what might have caused the event.

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