More Than Gastroenteritis: Consequences of Eating Watermelon High in Methomyl – Weekend

The European Commission has warned that Moroccan watermelons sold in Spain contain the pesticide methomyl at levels above allowable levels. In “Weekend” COPE, doctor Perez Almeida He explained what consuming this pesticide can do to our bodies. Find out in the audio below.

The message was echoed by consumer group Facua, in which the European Commission made it clear that the fruit contained more levels of the pesticide than would be allowed under community regulations. Facua said the EU detection system classified the risk level as “serious”, noting that methomyl is “a substance used as an insecticide which in some cases may have serious consequences”.

What is methomyl and how to avoid it

First, Perez-Almeida explained that methomyl is an “insecticide used as an insecticide, that is, to attack or control agricultural pests”.Additionally, it details the limits allowed “0.015 mg per kg”, In the event an alert is generated, there are “a 0.38”, lOr this represents a higher percentage.

On the other hand, experts explain that by paying attention to the fruit and following a series of steps, it can be avoided. “It’s easier for fruits with thick skin like watermelons. What we should do is to wash the watermelon. ” This is the part we consume in order for the pesticides to get inside.

However, Almeida is concerned about the situation where supermarkets sell already cut watermelons, because in this case we do not know whether the watermelons have been cleaned properly and whether they may have entered the fruit. at last, An appeal has been issued to people who may have symptoms such as gastroenteritis or vomiting. “You also have to remember fruit, not just other foods you can eat.” Hear his full advice in the audio below.

Dr. Esteban PĂ©rez Almeida is a family doctor at COPE. In the first few months of the pandemic, experts set up a clinic to inform people about the progression of covid-19, the evolution of its symptoms and the different situations this unprecedented situation has brought us.

In addition, in addition to the new crown epidemic, doctors also advise COPE listeners various issues related tofor health those that have appeared. Discover them in the video below, sure to solve some of your unknowns.

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