Morelos bought the mobile hospital by Covid-19; mounted one, recorded spot and uninstalled


It cost 14 million pesos and will be mounted in the final analysis in the stage three of the pandemic. Claims networks by the recording on which it appears Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

By Star Pedroza

The mounting and removal of a hospital, traveling to hear cases of Covid-19 and the lack of information on the part of the government of the state generated panic among villagers in the north of Cuernavaca.

The governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo recorded inside him a spot on the which ensures that your administration is ready to combat the coronavirus.

It was installed last Friday in the sports unit “El Centenario”, located in calle Margarita Salazar of the Lienzo Charro of the capital of Morelos.

The fact called the attention, and the minutes circulated via WhatsApp alert messages:

“Good evening, neighbors of the colonia Lienzo Charro (…) we are now in a more difficult situation because you are bringing the sick to the Centenarythe people who take out their kids, I’m going to ask, that mess, that don’t go out unless you need to go out to the store (…) close windows , doors… I’m going to send the pictures to yourself what this. This is a contingency urgent”, heard in a voice note that was circulated in groups of WhatsApp accompanied with a few photographs.

Also on Facebook and Twitter to spread messages that warned the alleged risk to the neighbors.

However, before the end of the day, the hospital was removed.

The story does not end there.

Early Saturday appeared on Twitter the spot of the former footballer @cuauhtemocb10, who commented as follows:

“With real actions in Morelos, we are ready to face the COVID19, we have guaranteed the supply of medicines to the contingency (…) we have a mobile hospital as an additional measure to the eventual need for more space in hospital. This mobile hospital has 50 beds, expanding to 100 beds more”.

That same day, the government of Morelos issued a press release in which reported that was carried out a drill with Care Center staff for the Care of Contingencies (COPAC), attached to the Secretariat of federal Health.

But no reference was made to the advertisement that was recorded by the representative of the state.

The video caused that social networks are assumed to be issued comments in favor and in against of the representative state; among the questions that arose was the use of the hospital to promote the image of the governor and the use of human and economic resources.

Justify making of spot

The government of Morelos acquired a mobile hospital to address the contingency, reported Paul Ojeda, secretary of government, after attempting to justify the use of the mobile hospital for and spot of White.

“The government of the state of Morelos already purchased a mobile hospital that was the one that was announced with a 140-bed, air conditioning and all the requirements (…) are made the tests of the simulation for installation,” he said during the press conference held to discuss the progress of the pandemic in the institution.

He explained that the government of that state purchased with its own resources the mobile hospital with a cost of 14 million pesos.

He remarked that this is mounted in the phase three of the pandemic, but not yet defined whether it will be used for patients infected by Covid-19 or also with other ailments.

In that space, health authorities tried to justify the chaos caused by riding the mobile hospital in the sports unit in The Centennial, located in the colonia Lienzo Charro.

They explained that it was an exercise responsible for avoiding improvisations at the time to meet a contingency.

Marco Antonio Cantú Cuevas, secretary of health, stressed that activities are carried out preventive and drills of the protocols of care for these medical units and a mobile hospital in case of be necessary be installed to relieve the hospitals.

One of these exercises was carried out week-end in The Centenary but has not been the only place where it was performed.

He said that these actions are carried out to verify space, drinking water, electrical energy, accessibility, climate and proximity to hospitals.

“The mobile hospital will be installed in the stage three (…) with respect to a recording made in a mobile hospital , yes indeed it took place but prior to that the governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo visited and verified each space to converse with the staff and was present at the drill,” he said.

The article 134 of the federal Constitution prohibits the propaganda “under any form of social media” that spread the entire body of the three orders of government, as the “must have institutional and informational, educational or social orientation”.

And warns that “in no case shall this propaganda include names, images, voices or symbols that imply promotion custom of any public servant”.

Later it was confirmed that the mobile hospital used to be White is not even the government of the state but of the federation, since there are a total of 2.

Hector Baron Olivares, director of Health Services of Morelos, said that the mobile hospital that was set up in The Centenary “belongs to the federal government and even so he asked permission to the COPAC ( Care Center for the Care of Contingencies) and was authorized by that subject”.

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