Morgan arguing with Amadeus? Strong words fly

Morgan had a fight with Amadeus? Not yet, but his words are rather harsh towards the artistic director of the Italian Song Festival. already three years. This Sanremo 2024 exhibition will be the fourth and the public wants to know more. The former Bluvertigo frontman, however, is not so cunning and points the finger at the conductor.

For MowMag, the artist elaborated: “Artistic Director of Amadeus in Sanremo and I’m the only one who disputes this. In fact, this is a phenomenon that has culturally devastated Italy in terms of artistic and song quality, and continues to do so until now, but everyone is silent.”. Now let’s see if the conductor will have the opportunity to respond to these subtle criticisms.

Morgan talks about Paolo Meneguzzi and J-Ax

Recently, a dispute broke out between Paolo Meneguzzi and J-Axe. The rapper called his colleague “Tiziano Ferro, bought on Wish”, and the singer told everything he thinks about his colleague’s music. Morgan explains: “The system is as undaunted as a killer, and the Italian system exploits precisely the fact that people are completely deprived of the opportunity to express themselves and respond to abuses. The Italian people are truly a people of bulls, made up of sheep.”

As always, Morgan is not disingenuous, once again showing a clear, sincere and sincere character.getting to people and wreaking havoc with colleagues. Surely the artist was spontaneous and expressed his opinion. And it will be interesting to see what Amadeus himself has to say, spurred on by these words and able to generate more positive comments than criticism, even if, according to Morgan, the reason for all this is quite clear.

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