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he Moroccan Mint Tea It’s a North African drink that’s a symbol of hospitality; in Morocco, it’s drank throughout the day, especially after meals, and is arguably the best kept secret in Arabic culture.

You may have seen pictures of them serving Moroccan Peppermint TeaIt’s a ritual that begins with pouring tea from a teapot a few centimeters from a beautiful shot glass, until it rises to height with a level of dexterity that astonishes everyone.

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the higher the service Moroccan Mint Teamore popular with guests, reported 196 flavors.

Infusions are a natural choice for relieving all kinds of discomfort in the body. Image: Pixabay

Properties and Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a plant native to the Mediterranean that has many beneficial properties for health.

It contains menthol, its main active compound; Sura details nutrients like folic acid, vitamins A and C, omega 3 fatty acids, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and copper.

Drinking peppermint tea after meals can promote good digestion by activating the production of enzymes in the stomach.

In terms of digestion, it also relieves upset stomach, inflammation, nausea or heartburn.

Due to its composition, peppermint helps to fight respiratory diseases. Menthol helps relieve symptoms of congestion, stuffy nose, cough, asthma and bronchitis. Sura adds that peppermint tea can help with expectoration and sweating.

Other benefits mentioned by the green ecology include relief from dizziness and dysmenorrhea; treatment of colon irritation, relief of headaches and liver inflammation, etc.

How to Brew Moroccan Green Tea

  • green tea, 4 tbsp
  • fresh mint leaves, a bunch
  • sugar, 60 g
  • 1.5 liters of water (for mint tea)

196 Flavors explained that the preparation feeds six people.

To prepare the tea, you have to wash the tea with a little boiling water and discard the first batch; then, put the mint leaves and sugar in the boiling water (1.5 liters) to make the tea. Let stand for three minutes.


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