Morocco earthquake | Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel in Marrakech converted into shelter after Morocco earthquake

he earthquake of Morocco It had claimed more than 10 lives on Friday night. 2,000 How many people there are so far, according to the latest tally from authorities. According to the U.S. Geological Service, this was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Morocco, with a magnitude of 6.8.

While search and rescue efforts continue in the rubble of affected towns, some surviving facilities shake is converted to shelter For displaced people or tourists awaiting rescue flight Take them home.


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That’s what Spanish woman Irene Seixas said. Marrakech who has got the room CR7 taga hotel four stars On the outskirts of a Moroccan city: “Now we are very frustrated.We started looking for flights and the flights were exhausted a while.we must take flight even from one thousand euros Try to leave early as we are leaving next Wednesday”, he began to explain to RTVE.

“this hotel same.We had to come to the new district of Marrakech with most luxurious hotel, expressed in some way.Now we have successfully booked the hotel cristiano ronaldowhat’s in the suburbs, give us a Room”, he added. “We are in the wait.we slept all night street It’s now seven o’clock in the morning and they tell us that we can come closer and they will try to give us a chance Room As soon as possible,” he concluded.

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