Morrissey’s busy time in Mexico: Kidnappings, cancellations and a hot dog ban

Morrissey has a long history of canceling and postponing concerts over the years (Photo: Instagram)

mexican fans Morrissey The British singer-songwriter is about to celebrate his 40th anniversary tour with a long-awaited concert in Mexico City, and the truth is, whoever fronts the iconic band is disappointed. Smith The announcement came as an unpleasant surprise to followers of the translation.

The lead singer is God knows I’m in pain right now The concert has been postponed to October 31 and will be held in the same manner at the Sports Palace. For fans who wish to wait for that date, their tickets will be valid and they can request a refund.

“We regret to report that Morrissey has been forced to postpone his concerts in line with medical advice due to illness during the tour,” reads a publication from Ocesa about Steven Patrick’s health.

However, the matter caused public controversy, with some pointing out that the 64-year-old artist has “become a habit” of canceling or postponing events at the slightest provocation, given his long history of event cancellations and postponements. . The concert is well known, it really is.

Morrissey’s fans express disappointment over postponement of concert at Palacio de los Deportes due to illness (Ocesa)

With little information released, various versions began to circulate, such as the Manchester musician refusing to take the stage in Mexico because he was found to be unfit at a Trash concert in the city just days before.

However, a new message clarifies the singer’s health condition Girlfriend is unconscious: Got dengue fever.

“Morrissey contracted a dengue fever infection after arriving in Mexico City. The virus takes 2 to 3 weeks to clear up. The tour will resume in Florida.” The new statement reads: “Morrissey did not ‘cancel’ any shows, but the infection made the next two weeks became impossible. “

This isn’t the first “scandal” the unique Irish-British singer-songwriter has faced in Mexico, as he’s spoken out about something before.

It turned out that Steven Patrick was infected with dengue fever (Photo: AFP)

year 2013 “Moz” He published an autobiography in which he recounted his personal and artistic life.In the material, he said that in 2007, he gave a concert in Tijuana and was on his way to the Forum, where exhibitwas detained by the city police as soon as he crossed the border, allegedly arbitrary and without reason.

The performer, who is characterized by his melancholic and heartbreaking lyrics, said that immediately after his concert he headed to the US border, five minutes from the border, and the driver of the truck transporting him turned down a dark road. Road, so who would have thought he would become the victim of an imminent kidnapping.

In view of this, the personnel responsible for his personal safety helped him get out of the car and took him to a safe area.

The comments immediately sparked controversy, with the concert’s organizers denying the fact.Enrique Von Borstel, organizer of Morrissey’s Tijuana concert, mentioned that the singer exhibit It happened because he ran a red light.

The artist’s tour celebrates his 40-year career (Facebook/Morrissey)

Regarding the alleged kidnapping attempt, he explained that the driver of the vehicle transporting the British man to the other side of the border had taken the wrong route and the only way manager of Moz That evening the return trip took much longer than the allotted time.

Given this, it is difficult to determine whether there was any confusion or, in fact, an attempt to kidnap the member. Every day is like Sunday.

In 2013, the artist canceled a talk scheduled for March 14 at Vive Latino because the Glasgow-based artist fell ill a week earlier. There were various rumors: he had pneumonia, fatigue from the long trip, or that he simply didn’t want to come to Mexico.

On March 13, 2013, just one day before his concert, Ocesa released a statement confirming that the iconic 1980s singer-songwriter was canceling the concert due to health issues including bleeding ulcers and double pneumonia.

From a young age, as a member of the Smiths, the musician demonstrated his calling as an activist and practiced vegetarianism (Photo by Ross Marino/Getty Images)

Back in 2018, Morrissey successfully performed at Vive Latino, but it was leaked on social media that, allegedly in order to perform at the Mexican music festival, Morrissey managed to stop the sale of meat and animal products at Foro Sol for three Hour. This fits perfectly with the timing. He’ll be on stage.

While this rumor has not been confirmed, the musician’s gathering took place in such a timely manner that the version involving the musician’s alleged request that he adopt a vegetarian diet is believed to be true.

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