Moss marine in ireland, the superfood that it takes Kim Kardashian on


With the help of Kim Kardashian, that you add it to your smoothies, the moss, navy, Irish has turned out to be one of the trends in the healthy 2020as pointed out in the report, Pinterest and 100’s. And the fact is that the research in this area did not stop the increase in social networking sites and their outstanding benefits. In fact, after researching on this moss-marine on the question, the question is: the one that isn’t good for the moss in Ireland? But, as this is the power of the dances follow one another at breakneck speeds, we spoke to an expert to tell us whether there is good reason to encourage you in the network.

“This red alga has been around forever, it’s very easy to find, and come in large numbers”in the Dr. Leo Cerrudspecialist in Aesthetic Medicine, and Nutrition. The irish are traditionally used for thickening soups, creams, stews, or sauces. And as a natural remedy for pneumonia, tuberculosis (have been studying), under-nutrition, prevent colds, flu, and infections. Basically, pseudo-science,”he points out.

As they say in the report, the Pinterest, this moss comes from Ireland and its scientific name is Chondrus Crispis, moss, carrageen, or irish, and it is a red alga that is very common, and at times it can be in the form of lawns a full on rock surfaces and in abundance, especially along the atlantic coast, european, and north american.

What we hope

So, is it beneficial or not? “Well, you know (for sure) that this is a moss or algae it is rich in mucilagos, a soluble fiber, in addition to chlorophyll, omega-3, which protein is, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium in it”says Dr. Cerrud.

In the report Pinterest, on the other hand, it is given a lot more properties, such as anti-inflammatory, satisfaction, and even antitusivas; it seems that both parties are the same, as a laxative and constipationand it is also used to treat cases of the flu, and even control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. But that’s not all-it helps to recover the skin after a sunburn, it relieves the pain in the joints and even cure hangovers.

“On the basis of its components, it is safe to assume that you (again nothing is scientifically proven except for a few studies on the mussels, and wormsthat helps with the digestive system, it improves the anemia, and brings satiety (weight loss), and it can be a good complement to the food”says Dr. Cerrud.

How to make it… or, if it applies

This “miracle marine,” which you can then take the juice of fresh fruit, and hot dishes available. But, as they say in the Fresh from the Seaa company in galicia, which collects and sends in a cool house, too you can add it to salads, gazpachos, sauces, spreads, omelets, casseroles, soups and potajes, or rice.

You can also take it out, dry it in the shape of a the powder or the capsules, the oil is dehydratedyou can find all of these options are available at Amazon or retail stores in the natural food. But as a precaution, we recommend that you consult an expert before you are taking this medicine, especially if you have a health problem.

Even the cosmetics industry has been interested in the moss, navy, since it’s an ingredient, an emulsifier and a moisturizer, with moisturizing and detoxifying. Psst. We love the line of hair Freshly-Cosmetics and Skincare Detox Plan.

What’s going to happen to you

As Dr. Cerrud, “most likely to be super elegant, and we all want to feel a little of Kim’s to consume it in smoothies or is it where you want it to be and then to realize that it was not gold, all that relucĂ­a, as in the case of the famosĂ©rrimas’ council of the Goyi, or asimilaremos in our day-to-day basis, such as in the case of quinoa, for example.

At the moment, with the moss marine of Ireland, (the Irish Being the receivers of the message), and with the invaluable help of Kim Kardashian, it’s already a trend… we’ll See, as Dr. Cerrud, if it is here to stay.