Most common ‘post-COVID’ disease in Maracaibo: Climate change exacerbates impact

In Maracaibo, the effects of post-COVID-19 disease and sudden temperature changes feature heavily in the 10 scenarios most affecting residents The situation in the city, as reported by the local mayor, Rafael Ramírez Colina, in his weekly statement this Monday.

The mayor referred to his Thursday speech titled “Public X-ray Perspective of the City”which showed that at least four out of ten diseases were associated with such conditions.

It’s about post-COVID, and of course it’s about our coming and going. Some days you have a heat wave, some days you have a stick of water, some days you have a heat wave and you turn off the air conditioner that day and then you have a behavior,” he explained.

According to a presentation last Thursday, it was observed that, The second most common disease in Maracaibo is viral syndrome, Second only to arterial hypertension, accounting for 16% of the total cases.

In fourth place is respiratory infection, accounting for 10%. Allergic rhinitis tied for sixth with urinary tract infection, while bronchitis was last among the most common diseases.

Source: Public X-ray photographs of the city.

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