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How not to appreciate Elodie’s magnetic gaze and statuesque physique? She’s The Latest VIP Who Gave Someone A Little Extra commercial, That’s the new Durex testimonial. Beautiful and seductive women lend their faces to promotional projects for famous brands, but male charm has also gained ground. There are many brands that focus on the ‘pretty and damned’. We are not talking about just Italian beauties, but international sex symbols as well.

Elodie for Durex

Instagram has many followers who commentedultimate business option By Elodie, the new face of Durex. Its beauty and sensuality, combined with an effortless elegance, lent an edge to one of the ads that will live forever in the collective imagination. Elodie is also known for her set character and its clarity.

Michelle Hunziker for Roberta

I had only 17 years old Famous presenter when she showed off her B-side to promote Roberta, a panty brand. The beauty of its water and soap has been able to enhance the simplicity of the product. And, years later, Michelle Hunziker posted a photo on Instagram that is reminiscent of the pose from one of the most famous ads of all time.

Charlize Theron for Martinis

Charlize Theron, in addition to an undeniable talent, is certainly endowed with a unusual beauty, His features and gaze sparkle like a martini, but are also strikingly handsome like a Dior. The advertisements they have as testimonials are genuine works of art.

Rosella Brescia for Tissot

Rosella Brescia has an innate sensuality, which is accentuated by her artistic and athletic ability Which allowed her to become one of the most popular dancers in Italy and in the world. Her brown hair and her charming gaze won the hearts of not only the co-star of the advertisement for the famous watch brand, but also the whole public.

Monica Bellucci for Dolce & Gabbana

And how can we forget Monica Bellucci in an ad for Dolce & Gabbana. they played wet dream of a young fisherman, re-proposing the atmosphere of the film “Malena”, but also of many Italian audiences in 1994 and beyond. This is definitely one of those commercials that entire generations remember. As well as Infiore with director Tinto Brass, in which the sensuality and elegance of the actress exceeded expectations.

Uma Thurman for Schweppes

Uma Thurman plays herself, a talented and successful actress who is interviewed by a reporter. It is in this context that emerges its sensuality and its beauty, which has nothing to envy. Nicole Kidman It is on Penelope Cruz which – respectively – have been predecessors and successors. “Schweppes” rhymes with “sex” in a perfect balance between sensuality and style.

Kim Basinger for Golden Lady

Golden Lady is synonymous with quality and fashion. Kim Basinger displayed exactly that sexiness “9 1/2 weeks”, has managed to give added value to the renowned brand of underwear and lingerie.

Jared Leto for Gucci

and, speaking of manly charm Who ‘competes’ with the lady, how can we miss mentioning the handsome dandy played by actor Jared Leto? It personifies Gucci’s style perfectly with the eye and hand play. Its edge, which makes it irresistible in the eyes of women, is definitely the perfume of the famous brand.

George Clooney for Nespresso

And, if we want to refer to a sex symbol In commercials, George Clooney can’t be missing. The undeniable testimonial of Nespresso, turning the alluring aroma of Italian coffee into a symbol of charm and sensuality.

Dior: From Alain Delon to Jude Law, Johnny Depp to Robert Pattinson

dior sure has bet male grooming, Its products have been enhanced by the glamor of actors such as Alain Delon, Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson. Sex symbols who appeal to a wide audience and who can’t disappoint no matter what.

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