Mother-in-law tries to kill wife after 11 years of violence, starts trend of black and blue (or white and gold) dress

Do you remember this dress?double color» Who entertained the web and social networks in 2015? Depending on the lighting, the costume appeared black and blue to some and white and gold to others. This question was raised by a woman who wore it to her son-in-law’s wedding. The groom at that time is now accused of the attempted murder of his wife.

Keir Johnston has appeared at Glasgow High Court after being charged with the attempted murder of Grace Johnston over the March holiday last year. Johnson is almost accused of domestic violence 11 years old before he attempted to kill his wife by pinning her down and choking her neck.

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What happened

The court ruled that the 38-year-old man repeatedly attacked his wife with a knife and attempted to strangle her at their home on the Isle of Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides.

This native island couple has united Became famous all over the world after 2015 marriageWhen the mother of the bride wore a dress that sparked a global incident about its true colour, millions saw it in black and blue, while others saw it in white and gold.

But now Johnson is in court on charges of attempted murder of his wife. Johnson’s allegations include, between April 2019 and March 2022, pushing his wife against a wall, shouting at her and strangling her before threatening to kill her. holding a knife against him.

he will also tried to break into the vehicle in which his wife washit him through an open vehicle window. Johnson also allegedly cornered his wife and dragged her out of a pub after she refused to leave with him. According to other allegations, Johnson isolated his wife from her friends and monitored her activities and finances, and controlled the amount of money she had.

Prosecutors say the couple’s relationship is broken. and a series of violent attacks by Johnson that led to the attempted murder of his wife. Johnson’s behavior would result in another allegation: March 6, 2022 He must have made his wife unconscious would fall on the ground and sit beside him.

He would then put his hands around her neck, choke her, stop her breathing and threaten violence. Johnson is alleged to have threatened to kill her and attacked her with a knife, injuring her and putting her life in danger. Blame He claims that Johnson’s actions were done with the intention of killing his wife. The 38-year-old has denied all charges against him and the matter has been adjourned for a preliminary hearing before a trial in 2024.

dress of discord

Dubbed “the dress that ‘destroyed’ the Internet”, it became a social media hit when it was first shared on Tumblr by wedding guest Caitlin McNeil, who asked for help solving a color dilemma.

celebrities love it too Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift He shared it. The couple then appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they received $10,000 and a trip to Grenada after revealing on US TV that they were black and blue. When the couple made headlines, the image of the dress drew 11,000 tweets per minute with the hashtag “#thedress”. After initial popularity, the dress was featured in a domestic abuse campaign by the Salvation Army, which created an ad depicting an injured and battered woman wearing a white and gold dress.

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