Mother Mary brings together Anne Hathaway, Michaela Coel and Charli XCX which alone is worth the film

In 2023, stars are being hailed not just as icons, but – because of the project Mother Mary – also as “mothers”. In recent years few celebrities have grown up like Anne Hathaway who is placing her name at the center of attention and sanctioning her maturity in the unusual role of “mother”. Hathaway is paired with Michaela Coel in the film titled Mother Marywritten and directed by David Lowery.

Already so it must be said that we are facing the most exciting line-up possible, but the film will also see the participation of Charli XCX And Jack Antonoff for the soundtrack and will be produced by A24. Twitter’s Christmas has come really early.

Here’s everything we know about Mother Mary.

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What is it about Mother Mary?

In addition to that of calling everyone “mothers”, another obsession that pop culture cannot do without in this period is represented by the dark tale of pop star lives. From the chaos and disorder depicted in the next series HBO extension, The Idolthe latest arrival between the shows Amazon Prime Videos, Swarm, which chronicles the darker sides of fan culture, it seems the trend is to follow the orbit of a superstar. Second Deadlinesthe film Mother Mary will follow the story of a fictional pop star, played by Anne Hathaway, and his relationship with an iconic fashion designer, played by Michaela Coel.
At the moment these are the only information available on the film. In the classic style of A24, the production company that this year has transformed from champion of indie Gen Z to true dominatrix of the Oscars, the cards are kept well hidden. The film is written by David Lowery who cooperates with A24 for the third time after Sir Gawain and the Green Knight of 2021 and Story of a ghost of 2018.

Who (else) is in the cast of Mother Mary

At the moment, Hathaway and Coel seem to be the only stars of the show and such a pairing could close any discussion by satiating any curiosity. There are already enough icons on the screen to keep the fan community happy for months.

When you consider that the film will be about the life of a fictional pop star, it makes sense that two of the biggest hit songwriters on the planet (Charli XCX and Jack Antonoff, who took a break from songwriting for Taylor Swift) are at board for music. They will take care of the soundtrack, while Daniel Hart will be intent on composing an original score.

When it comes out Mother Mary?

No word yet on when the film will hit screens, but considering the project has just been announced, we’ll have to wait quite a while longer.


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