Mother of Davide Pavona, killed by police at 17: “Bill for 183 euros to pay for cleaning up the scene”

The death of his son, hit by a drunk policeman, and mockery for parents who 16 months then they get one check from cost 183 euros clean up the accident site where he died Davide Pavan. It was May 8, 2022, when a 17-year-old boy, while riding a scooter, was hit by the car he was driving Samuel Seno31 years old, works in the Aliens Department of the Treviso Police Department.
A few days ago, the police officer agreed to a plea deal of 3 years and 6 months.: General mitigating circumstances have been recognized and his defense team is preparing to ask for a measure in lieu of jail time. In a long interview with Corriere Veneto Barbara VedelagoDavide’s mother, denounces the horror of the Italian bureaucracy, which, even after some time, continues to plunge both parents back into that dramatic day.

When the bill came, “first we thought about error. Or bad tell jokes…” It was written above “reclamation of the area with waste removal and absorbent for liquid spills”. The sum of 183 euros “was requested for cleaning the scene, removing debris and sawdust from Davide’s blood and motor fluids remaining on the asphalt.”
In short, the state recovered the cost of cleaning the house from the young victim’s family. crime scene. But not only. Unfortunately, the slow-moving Italian bureaucracy always has a short memory. “For example,” says the woman, “one came registered mail warn us that the scooter wreckage is exempt from seizure and that we must immediately go and collect it, otherwise we will have to pay a fine for each day of delay.”

Davide’s mother also talks about the torment she experienced. Girlfriend, the first to rush to the scene: “Davide had just taken him home that day,” she “used the geolocation application on her mobile phone to notice that my son had been standing motionless for ten minutes and therefore accompanied by his parents to understand what was happening. When I arrived she lay on him, hugging him, as if she wanted to warm him with her body. It was terrible, and to this day the girl has to deal with what she experienced that day. However, the judge denied her the opportunity to become a civil plaintiff: the law does not provide for this, since they were not married and she is not a relative.”

Barbara talks about meeting a police officer after the sentencing a few days ago: “Ever since the accident I wanted to ask him something.: If my son had died instantly, as the autopsy determined, or if he had lived for a few minutes. I was tormented by this doubt: the thought that he was left in agony, alone, on this road…” The officer explained “that he immediately got out of the car and began performing CPR on him, but Davide was already dead. Then he told us that he lives every day in remorse, that he is sorry. He was very shocked, his eyes sparkled. Already in a letter written several months ago, he asked for our forgiveness.”

The ordeal of a parent who has lost his child, which will continue throughout his life: “My younger brother David, for example, is 15 years old and would like a scooter.. But my husband and I told him no. And even if he understands the reasons for this refusal, we know that it is unfair, but we still cannot come to terms with the idea that something bad could happen to him.” Finally, Barbara explains that she can only forgive the policeman when he becomes a father: “At this moment, looking at his son, he will finally understand what he took from me. And then yes, I will find the strength to forgive him.”

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