Mother seeks justice after daughter’s death

In an emotional demonstration in Plaza San Martin, Nilda Muñoz demanded justice for the tragic death of her 23-year-old daughter Gabriela, whose condition has yet to be identified by local hospitals.

Gabriela was treated in hospital and later transferred to intensive care, where she sadly passed away. According to her mother, Nilda, “Gabriella was treated at the local hospital and died without being allowed to perform an autopsy after being transferred to the intensive care unit.” Apparently, hospital professionals claimed that Gabriela Suffering from contagious bilateral pneumonia.

Gabriella’s story is marked by her desperate search for medical help. Because of the severe pain, he first went to the hospital and then to the clinic, asking him for a sum of money that his family could not afford. Eventually, they were taken to a local hospital, where Gabriela died.

In distress, Nilda Muñoz reported the case to the Salto prosecutor’s office. She was not allowed to see her daughter’s body, and her daughter’s burial procedures, which she described as similar to those used in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, added to her desperation.

The grieving mother is determined to find answers and demands the truth behind her daughter’s tragic death. “With great pain, the only thing I want to know is to know how my daughter died,” Nilda Muñoz said during the march in San Martin Square.

The case has moved the Salto community. Gabriella’s family and her supporters continue to demand a fair and transparent investigation process to clarify the circumstances of her death.

Salto Enreid contacted the prosecutor’s office and they reported that a complaint had been filed and that the judicial process was being followed.

Listen to what Nilda has to say:

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