Mother-slug! Jennifer Lopez was in the act of the school, and has shown the talent of his son,


While the acts of the school, many parents to record video and take thousands of pictures. Jennifer Lopez it proved that it’s more of a million and, therefore, a man with a lot of pride, and of his son, Maximilian, Anthony, that was, that is a great heir to the talent of their parents.

In the video, the little ones are carrying out in a show of “wizard of Oz”, so that the small-interprets the tracks in front of the audience and onto the stage. Given its role as the main character, Jennifer, Lopez shared a video and showed to be proud of it.

For this reason, in his account of Instagram pointed out: “The littlest munchkin. Best #WizardOfOz”, that is to say, “my little munchkin”, one of the characters in the fiction and the children’s teatralizaron. The share of the time, his followers did not hesitate to congratulate you, and tell you that you have a voice that is similar to that of his father Marc Anthony.