Mother suddenly, the plot of the film with Julia Bevilacqua on Canale 5

Julia Bevilacqua is the protagonist of the film “Una mama suddenly”, divided into two episodes, which will premiere on Canale 5.

This evening, Tuesday, June 27, 2023airs on TV 1 Mother suddenlydirector’s comedy Claudio Norza with the main character Julia Bevilacqua. Released in 2023, the film tells the story of the difficult relationship between a mother and daughter. Claudia, the main character, is a young mother who has returned from a very long coma.

Suddenly Mom: the plot of a comedy with Julia Bevilacqua

Claudia This is a 35 year old woman who is waking up from a coma after 17 long years. Her life seemed cut short, but 17 years ago she became a mother, and today her daughter Michela he is only 17 years old and in his mid-teens. It’s a shame that Julia still feels this age, considering all those years spent in the hospital. Unable to experience life as a young adult or motherhood, Claudia has no choice but to act like the teenager she once was. But in the family, the real teenager is Michela, who grew up without a mother, but is also extremely mature and conscientious for her age. She grew up with her grandparents and a group of her mother’s friends who looked after her as best they could while they waited for Claudia to wake up. But when this happens, no one would have foreseen the alternative: mother and daughter acting like teenagers.

Among his mother’s friends we find Julian, an idealistic teacher who always had a crush on Claudia when they were younger. But when he grew up, he met Vittoria and they soon got married. VictoryIn contrast, she is a precise and flawless woman with undeniable charm. Besides growing up without a mother, Miquela is completely unaware of her father’s true identity, a secret her mother respects. But now that Claudia is awake again, will she tell her daughter the truth? In the cast we see Julia Bevilacqua who plays Claudia and Michela has the features Alice Maselli. A little curiosity? The film was shot in two episodes and Canale 5 decided to broadcast it on first television on two evenings: the first, as mentioned tonight, and the second scheduled for July 4, 2023.

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